The table below contains all films in the collection from Hungary. Results can be narrowed by search. Some common searches include film type, director and title.

Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
V-9047Blake, John [Gypsies] Across the Tracks - Vlach Gypsies in Hungary198851 minDocumentaryHungary
V-2352Andras, Jeles The Annunciation1993101 minFeatureHungary
V-2313Andras, Jeles The Little Valentino1979102 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6415Antal, Nimrod Kontroll2004106 minFeatureHungary
V-1765Bacsó, Péter Oh, Bloody Life!1985115 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4522Bacsó, Péter The Witness1969116 minFeatureHungary
V-1997Bacsó, Péter The Witness1969116 minFeatureHungary
DVD-9162Bán, Frigyes and Vladislav Pavlovic Peter's UmbrellaHungary and Czechoslovakia, 195896 minPALFeatureHungary
DVD-4480Bereményi, Géza The Bridgeman2002141 minFeatureHungary
V-9334Elek, Judit Maria's Day1985113 minFeatureHungary
V-5036Elek, Judit Memories of a River1989131 minFeatureHungary
V-9136Enyedi, Ildiko Magic HunterHungary and Canada, 1996106 minFeatureHungary
D-0361Enyedi, Ildiko My Twentieth Century1990104 minFeatureHungary
V-9068Enyedi, Ildiko My Twentieth Century1990104 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2644Enyedi, Ildiko Simon the MagicianHungary and France, 1999100 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2825Enyedi, Ildiko Tomas and Juli199763 minFeatureHungary
V-9069Fabri, Zoltan The Fifth Seal1976116 minFeatureHungary
V-5037Fekete, Ibolya Bolshe Vita199690 minFeatureHungary
DVD-3324Fekete, Ibolya ChicoGermany, Hungary, Croatia, Chile 2001112 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4915Gardos, Peter The Last Blues200296 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4917Gardos, Peter The Porcelain Doll200575 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4914Gauder, Aron The District200495 minAnimatedHungary
V-9080Gazdag, Gyula A Hungarian Fairy Tale198895 minFeatureHungary
V-3078Gothar, Peter A Priceless Day198087 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4184Gyarmathy, Livia Escape from Recsk199692 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4183Gyarmathy, Livia and Géza Böszörményi Recsk 1950-1953 - The Story of a Secret Concentration Camp in Communist Hungary1989212 minDocumentaryHungary
DVD-9025Hajdu, Szabolcs White Palms200697 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2593Incze, Agnes I Love Budapest200185 minFeatureHungary
V-1725Jancsó, Miklós Hungarian Rhapsody1983101 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2600Jancsó, Miklós The Red and the White196892 minFeatureHungary
V-1760Jancsó, Miklós The Red and the White196892 minFeatureHungary
V-2316Jancsó, Miklós Round Up196587 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2638Jancsó, Miklós Silence and Cry196785 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2645Janscó, Miklós Electra My Love197471 minFeatureHungary
V-9070Kezdi-Kovacs, Szolt The Nice Neighbor197990 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4916Koltai, Lajos FatelessHungary, Germany, UK 2005136 minFeatureHungary
V-2333Koltai, Robert We Never Die199390 minFeatureHungary
V-9072Kovacs, Andras Cold Days1966102 minFeatureHungary
V-9075Lugossy, Laszlo Flowers of Reverie1984106 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6408Makk, Károly Another Way1982100 minFeatureHungary
V-1994Makk, Károly Another Way1982100 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6411Makk, Károly Cat's Play197298 minFeatureHungary
V-9063Makk, Károly Cat's Play197298 minFeatureHungary
V-9081Makk, Károly Lily in LoveUSA, 1985104 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6414Mészáros, Márta Adoption197589 minFeatureHungary
V-0668Mészáros, Márta Adoption197589 minFeatureHungary
V-0670Mészáros, Márta The Girl196889 minFeatureHungary
V-0669Mészáros, Márta Riddance197393 minFeatureHungary
DVD-4918Palfi, Gyorgy Hukkle200275 minFeatureHungary
DVD-9162Pavlovic, Vladislav and Frigyes Bán Peter's UmbrellaHungary and Czechoslovakia, 195896 minPALFeatureHungary
V-9077Sandor, Pal Daniel Takes a Train198390 minFeatureHungary
V-9280Solyom, Andras School of the Senses199686 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2559Sopsits, Arped Abandoned200198 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2652Szabó, István Being JuliaUSA, 2004103 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2598Szabó, István Colonel Redl1984114 minFeatureHungary
V-0681Szabó, István Colonel Redl1984114 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2557Szabó, István The Father196695 minFeatureHungary
V-1772Szabó, István Hanussen1989117 minFeatureHungary
DVD-0713Szabó, István Love Film1970123 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2596Szabó, István Mephisto1981144 minFeatureHungary
DVD-0496Szabó, István SunshineHungary, Germany, Canada, Austria 1999180 minFeatureHungary
DVD-2560Szabó, István Taking SidesGermany, UK, and France 2001105 minFeatureHungary
DVD-3236Szabó, István 25, Fireman's Street197393 minFeatureHungary
V-0667Szabó, István 25, Fireman's Street197393 minFeatureHungary
DVD-12098Szasz, Janos Opium - Diary of a Madwoman2007109 minFeatureHungary
V-3397Szirtes, Andras After the Revolution199082 minFeatureHungary
V-9067Szoreny, Reszo A Happy New Year!197984 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6409Tarr, Bela Almanac of Fall1984119 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6410Tarr, Bela Damnation1988116 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6450 & 12027Tarr, Bela Family Nest1977100 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6453 & 12028Tarr, Bela The Outsider1981146 minFeatureHungary
DVD-6454 & 11709Tarr, Bela Prefab People198280 minFeatureHungary
DVD-3923Ternovski, Bela Trap for Cats198799 minAnimatedHungary
DVD-2603Ternovszky, Bela Cat City198691 minFeatureHungary
V-2017Vitezy, Laszlo Red Earth1993105 minFeatureHungary