The table below contains all feature films in the collection from Russia by directors with last names starting with A. Results can be narrowed by search. Some common searches include film type, director and title.

Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
DVD-6403A., Ippolit SOS200490 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6508Abbasov, Nazym FelliniUzbekistan, 199980 minRussian dubFeatureRussia
DVD-5533Abbasov, Shukhrat You Are Not an OrphanUzbekistan, USSR 196375 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-8964Abbassov, Nazim OydinoyUzbekistan, 200880minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-7644Abdrashev, Rustem A Gift to StalinKazakhstan, Russia, Israel, Poland 200897 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7036Abdrashev, Rustem Patchwork QuiltKazakhstan, 200797 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8560Abdrashev, Rustem Renaissance IslandKazakhstan, 200470 minFeatureRussia
V-2610Abdrashitov, Vadim Armavir1991159 minFeatureRussia
DVD-6959Abdrashitov, Vadim Fox Hunt198097 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-0046Abdrashitov, Vadim Fox Hunt198097 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1573Abdrashitov, Vadim Magnetic Storms200393 minFeatureRussia
DVD-6958Abdrashitov, Vadim Parade of the Planets198497 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-0459Abdrashitov, Vadim Parade of the Planets198497 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5377Abdrashitov, Vadim Play for a Passenger1995103 minFeatureRussia
V-0489Abdrashitov, Vadim Play for a Passenger1995103 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5580Abdrashitov, Vadim Pliumbum, or A Dangerous Game198697 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0066Abdrashitov, Vadim Pliumbum, or A Dangerous Game198697 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4679Abdrashitov, Vadim Speech for the Defense197698 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3694Abdrashitov, Vadim Stop Potapov!197336 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5896Abdrashitov, Vadim The Servant1988141 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-0443Abdrashitov, Vadim The Servant1988141 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5895Abdrashitov, Vadim The Train Stopped198296 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4511Abdrashitov, Vadim The Train Stopped198296 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-8864Abdrashitov, Vadim The Turning Point1978100 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-0501Abdrashitov, Vadim The Turning Point1978100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3736Abdrashitov, Vadim Time of the Dancer1997163 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4266Abdrashitov, Vadim Time of the Dancer1997154 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7875Abdullaev, Farkhot Lovitor2005112 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-2731Abdulov, Aleksandr The Musicians of Bremen2001100 minFeatureRussia
V-6242Abdulov, Aleksandr The Musicians of Bremen2001100 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0135Abdykalykov, Aktan Beshkempir/The Adopted SonKyrgyzstan and France, 199881 minFeatureRussia
V-6505Abdykalykov, Aktan SelkinchekKyrgyzstan, 199348 minno English creditsFeatureRussia
V-6880Abdykalykov, Aktan The MonkeyKyrgyzstan, France, and Japan, 200190 minFrench subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6875Abdykalykov, Aktan Where's Your Home, Snail?Kyrgyzstan, 199274 minFeatureRussia
V-6504Abdykalykov, Aktan and Ernest Abdyzhaparov Bus StopKyrgyzstan, 1995/200022 minno English creditsFeatureRussia
DVD-7638Abdyzhaparov, Ernest Pure CoolnessKyrgyzstan, 200795 minPALFeatureRussia
V-8925Abdyzhaparov, Ernest Village AuthoritiesKyrgyzstan and Germany, 200485 minRussian subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6606Abdyzhparaov, Ernest On the ThresholdKyrgyzstan, 20008 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4323Abuladze, Tengiz A Necklace for My BelovedGeorgia, USSR 197175 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9547Abuladze, Tengiz I, Grandmother, Iliko, and IllarionGeorgia, USSR 196290 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3710Abuladze, Tengiz I, Grandmother, Iliko, and IllarionGeorgia, USSR 196290 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4548Abuladze, Tengiz Other People's ChildrenGeorgia, USSR 195877 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1545Abuladze, Tengiz Repentance Georgia, USSR 1984/1986151 minFeatureRussia
V-1216Abuladze, Tengiz Repentance Georgia, USSR 1984/1986151 minFeatureRussia
DVD-3608Abuladze, Tengiz The PrayerGeorgia, USSR 196777 minFeatureRussia
V-0048Abuladze, Tengiz The PrayerGeorgia, USSR 196777 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3588Abuladze, Tengiz The Wishing TreeGeorgia, USSR 1976107 minFeatureRussia
V-0047Abuladze, Tengiz The Wishing TreeGeorgia, USSR 1976107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12059Abuladze, Tengiz and Rezo Chkheidze Magdana's DonkeyGeorgia SSR 195549 minFeatureRussia
V-0175Adomenaite, Niyole House Built on Sand199175 minFeatureRussia
V-8880Agranenko, Zakhar Leningrad Symphony195792 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6382Agranovich, Leonid Statute of Limitations198391 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8384Agranovich, Mikhail and Oleg Iankovskii Come and See Me200080 minFeatureRussia
V-6219Agranovich, Mikhail and Oleg Iankovskii Come and See Me200080 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5140Aimanov, Shaken End of the AtamanKazakhstan, USSR 1970138 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5535Aimanov, Shaken The Land of the FathersKazakhstan, USSR 196685 minPALFeatureRussia
V-9582Aimanov, Shaken and K. Gakkel' Poem About LoveKazakhstan, USSR 195484 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3640Aituarov, Amanzhol and Satybaldy Narymbetov Steppe ExpressKazakhstan, 200590 minRussian dubFeatureRussia
V-7082Aizenberg, Mark and Mikhail Kokshenov Russian Business199378 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6336Akhadov, Valerii Don't Insult Women199981 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9551Akhadov, Valerii Greenhouse Effect200593 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7451Akhmetov, Khuat Bared Nature200290 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6399Akhmetov, Khuat Wind-Man200795 minPALFeatureRussia
V-9498Akhundova, Lala The Family20032 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8883Akhvlediani, Nino The Story of Richard, Milord, and the Wonderful Fire-Bird199791 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7700Akopian, Vartan Platon2008100 minPALFeatureRussia
V-7876Alarkon, Sebast'ian In Search of the Golden Phallus199290 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7868Alarkon, Sebast'ian KGB Agents Also Fall in LoveUSSR and Chile, 199188 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5608Alarkon, Sebast'ian The Jaguar198690 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4262Aleinikov Brothers Ameriga199755 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3734Aleinikovs, Igor' and Gleb Boris and Gleb198814 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3734Aleinikovs, Igor' and Gleb Someone Was Here198942 minno sbtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3734Aleinikovs, Igor' and Gleb The Cruel Disease of Men198710 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3692Aleinikovs, Igor' and Gleb Tractor Drivers II199289 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3734Aleinikovs, Igor' and Gleb Tractors198712 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3734Aleinikovs, Igor' and Gleb Waiting for de Bil199023 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6949Aleksandrov, Aleksandr A Deluxe Room for the General with a Girl1991107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8073Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Haven for Comedians199578 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6279Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Love the French Way and the Russian Way199478 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0031Aleksandrov, Aleksandr and Viktor Prokhorov Assuage My Sorrow198995 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0412Aleksandrov, Grigorii [Eisenstein, Sergei] - Que Viva Mexico!197989 minFeatureRussia
DVD-1254Aleksandrov, Grigorii Circus193689 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2672Aleksandrov, Grigorii Circus193689 minFeatureRussia
V-3848Aleksandrov, Grigorii Meeting on the Elba1949104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7848Aleksandrov, Grigorii Radiant Path1940101 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3872Aleksandrov, Grigorii Radiant Path1940101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7404Aleksandrov, Grigorii Russian Souvenir1960101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1251Aleksandrov, Grigorii Spring1947104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3167Aleksandrov, Grigorii Spring1947104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1253Aleksandrov, Grigorii The Jolly Fellows193493 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2673Aleksandrov, Grigorii The Jolly Fellows193493 minFeatureRussia
V-5573Aleksandrov, Grigorii The Starling and the Lyre1974136 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1252Aleksandrov, Grigorii Volga-Volga1938102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2674Aleksandrov, Grigorii Volga-Volga1938102 minFeatureRussia
V-0370Aleksandrov, Grigorii Volga-Volga 1938102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0412Aleksandrov, Grigorii[Eisenstein, Sergei] Que Viva Mexico!197989 minFeatureRussia
V-4546Aleksandrov, GrigoriiGlinka, The Composer1950112 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4825Aleksandrov, Grigorii, Mikail Mikailov, and Rza Takhmasib One FamilyAzerbaidzhan, USSR 194393 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7863-4Aleksandrovich, Nikolai Breakfast on the Grass19792 parts; 135 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6225Alenikov, Vladimir The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin. Ordinary and Incredible OnesUkraine, USSR 1983132 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6183Alenikov, Vladimir The Drunk and the King1989169 minFeatureRussia
DVD-Alimamedov, Safar 46 Degrees of Difference20034 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9498Alimamedov, Safar 46 Degrees of Difference20034 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6187Alimamedov, Safar Immobility200310 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9499Alimamedov, Safar Immobility200310 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5254Alimpiev, Igor' Coat of Mail199091 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3834Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov A Nasty Anecdote196697 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-4130Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov Flight1970197 minFeatureRussia
V-3139-40Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov Flight1970197 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2945Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov Pavel KorchaginUkraine, USSR 1956102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6913Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov Peace to Him Who Enters196189 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5584Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov Teheran--43USSR, Switzerland, France 1980182 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5560-2Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov The Legend of Til1976156 + 157 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3132Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov The ShoreUSSR and Germany, 1984141 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4517Alov, Aleksandr and Vladimir Naumov Troublesome YouthUkraine, USSR 195599 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3642Al'piev, Amanbek (with assistance from Sergei Bodrov) The Sweet Juice inside the GrassKazakhstan, USSR 198466 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9155-6Amirkulov, Ardak The Fall of OtrarKazakhstan, USSR 1991170 minFeatureRussia
DVD-9195Andreasian, Sarik An Office Romance - Our Time201190 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-9185Andrianov, Aleksei Spy2012106 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7879Andrikanis, Evgenii A Northern Tale196077 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8364Annanov, Baba and Kerim Zokhre and TakhirTurkmenistan, 1991110 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12016Annenskii, Isidor Anna on the Neck195487 minFeatureRussia
V-5109Annenskii, Isidor Anna on the Neck195487 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7763Annenskii, Isidor Ekaterina Voronina195797 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8333Annenskii, Isidor Man in a Case1939; rest 196584 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7470Annenskii, Isidor Princess Mary195596 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8007Annenskii, Isidor Tat'iana's Day196797 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5878Annenskii, Isidor The Bear1938; restored 197145 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6415Annenskii, Isidor The First Trolley1963no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8015Annenskii, Isidor The Talented and Their Fans197390 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1250Annenskii, Isidor The Wedding194464 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4668Annenskii, Isidor The Wedding194464 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7461Annenskii, Isiidor The Sailor from The Comet195894 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6115Antonov, Artem Polumgla2005104 minPALFeatureRussia
V-9437Antonov, Artem Polumgla2005104 minFeatureRussia
DVD-8975Antsi-Polovskii, Lazar' The Fearless193783 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6119Apasian, Igor' Graffiti2006110 minPALFeatureRussia
V-8903Apasian, Igor' Neznaika from Our CourtyardUkraine, USSR 1983130 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5544Aprymov, Serik AksuatKazakhstan and Russia, 199890 minPALFeatureRussia
V-9556Aprymov, Serik AksuatKazakhstan and Russia, 199890 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9152Aprymov, Serik The HunterKazakhstan, 200493 minFeatureRussia
V-9325Aprymov, Serik The Last StopKazakhstan, USSR 198978 minFeatureRussia
V-7952Aprymov, Serik The Last StopKazakhstan, USSR 198978 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7956Aprymov, Serik Three BrothersKazakhstan, 199880 minFeatureRussia
V-3695Aprymov, Serik Two on a Motorcycle198713 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5855Aranovich, Semen A Summer Trip to the Sea197888 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7893-5Aranovich, Semen Confrontation19855 episodes; 392 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7121-2Aranovich, Semen Rafferty19803 episodes; 210 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7475-7Aranovich, Semen The Big GameRSFSR, USSR and Bulgaria390 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8065Aranovich, Semen The Broken Horseshoe197380 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0353Aranovich, Semen Torpedo Planes198396 minFeatureRussia
V-5586Aranovich, Semen Torpedo Planes198396 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5252Aranovich, Semen Year of the DogRussia and France, 1994133 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7936Aranysheva, Leila Landing ForceKazakhstan, 2000100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8379Aranysheva, Leila TogetherKazakhstan, USSR 198865 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4904Arapov, Vadim Poor Yorick199815 minFeatureRussia
V-4918Arapov, Vadim Poor Yorick199815 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5846Ardashnikov, Naum I Arrived and Said...198590 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8894Ardashnikov, Naum and Oleg Efremov Old New Year19802 episodes; 138 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5575Aristov, Viktor Gunpowder198592 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5312Aristov, Viktor Satan1990108 minFeatureRussia
V-8126Aristov, Viktor The First 100 Years Are Difficult1988138 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4338Aristov, Viktor and Iurii Mamin Rains in the Ocean199476 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3696Arlauskas, Al'gis Contact198831 minFeatureRussia
V-4545Arnshtam, Leo Girl Friends193595 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4770Arnshtam, Leo Glinka1946116 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5257Arnshtam. Leo Five Days, Five NightsUSSR and GDR, 1960106 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5152Aronov, Grigorii and Aleksei German The Seventh Satellite196789 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6057Aronov, Grigorii and Aleksei German The Seventh Satellite196789 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8858Aronov, Grigorii and Vladimir Shredel' The Long, Long Affair197692 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2142Arsenov, Pavel A Guest from the Future19845 episodes; 65 min eachno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3860Arsenov, Pavel A Taste of Khalva197568 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6359Arsenov, Pavel Confused Emotions197779 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6044Arsenov, Pavel Don't Part From Those You Love197976 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9198Arzhakov, Nikita Sniper Sakha201080 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8410 & 9499Arzhakov, Nikita The Old Man200315 minYakut dialog; Russian subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3464Asanova, Dinara Dear, Dearest, Beloved198470 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3108Asanova, Dinara Keys Without Rights of Forwarding197699 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4506Asanova, Dinara Misfortune197797 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5144Asanova, Dinara The Useless Girl198094 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5146Asanova, Dinara The Wife Left197991 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3451Asanova, Dinara Tough Kids198397 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3469Asanova, Dinara Woodpeckers Don't Get Headaches197473 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9299Ashimov, Asanali and Igor' Vovnianko House by the Salty LakeKazakhstan, 200489 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5558Ashkenazi, Sergei Criminal TalentUkraine, USSR 1988155 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2707Askol'dov, Aleksandr Commissar1967/1987105 minFeatureRussia
V-1463Askol'dov, Aleksandr Commissar1967/1987105 minFeatureRussia
V-7118Aslanov, Khaiiam and Nadir Mugbilov The SentenceAzerbaidjan, 1994110 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5882Astrakhan, Dmitrii All Frankly200790 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5296-7Astrakhan, Dmitrii Contract With DeathRussia and Belarus, 1998135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4566Astrakhan, Dmitrii Crossroads1998105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2706Astrakhan, Dmitrii Everything Will Be OK1995100 minFeatureRussia
V-5505Astrakhan, Dmitrii Everything Will Be OK1995100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3714Astrakhan, Dmitrii From Hell Into HellBelarus, Russia, and Germany 1997106 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4468Astrakhan, Dmitrii Get Thee Out!199189 minFeatureRussia
V-6114Astrakhan, Dmitrii The Alchemists200098 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5247Astrakhan, Dmitrii The Fourth Planet199593 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8069Astrakhan, Dmitrii The Yellow Dwarf2001100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5249Astrakhan, Dmitrii You Are My Only One1993101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5905Asyrankulov, Talgat and Gaziz Nasyrov The Birds of ParadiseKyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, 200676 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-0954Atanesian, Aleksandr 24 Hours200090 minFeatureRussia
V-7198Atanesian, Aleksandr 24 Hours200090 minFeatureRussia
V-6003Atanesian, Aleksandr 24 Hours200090 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3854Atanesian, Aleksandr Bastards200698 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7849Atanesian, Aleksandr Montana200896 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7607Averbakh, Il'ia A Declaration of Love1977134 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6492Averbakh, Il'ia Drama From a Life Long Past197186 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8000Averbakh, Il'ia Farat'ev's Fantasies1979152 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7745Averbakh, Il'ia Monolog1972100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7902Averbakh, Il'ia Other People's Letters197593 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5308Averbakh, Il'ia Other People's Letters197593 minFeatureRussia
V-4501Averbakh, Il'ia The Voice198292 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8879Azarov, Vilen Battle After Victory1972166 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4547Azarov, Vilen Grown Up Children196176 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3446Azarov, Vilen Incorrigible Liar197376 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8882Azarov, Vilen The End of "Saturn"196797 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3852Azarov, Vilen The Green Flame196474 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8881Azarov, Vilen The Road to "Saturn"196783 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6501Azimov, Iusuf Until SunriseUzbekistan and Kazakhstan, 1994124 minRussian dubFeatureRussia
V-1914Azagarov, Georgii (?) and Aleksandr Volkov (?)Early (Pre-Revolutionary) Russian Cinema: 10. The End of an Era [90 min]: Behind the Screen191713 minFeatureRussia
DVD-10742Astrakhan, DmitriiTeenagers2012100 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10665Aleksandriv, GrigoriiJolly Fellows193496 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10677Azamov, IulashBygone Days1969, Uzbek SSR100 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10662Andreasian, SarikAn Office Romance: Our Time201185 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10837Arsenov, PavelThe Purple Ball198774 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10834Andreasian, SarikThe Guardians2017100 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16304Andreasian, SarikStill there...201280 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-7638Abdyzhaparov, ErnestBoz Salkyn2007, Kyrgyzstan95 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDAbishev, SerikButter2012, Kazakhstan20 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDAndrievskii, AleksandrLoss of Sensation192585 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16037Aksenenko, ArtemFriends of Friends201387 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16047Alekseev, VladimirTitanic199292 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16304Andreasian, SarikStill There...201280 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVDAbramenko, EgorPassenger201711 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDAbdullin, TimurLast Reporting201213 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15477Aleksandr KottThe Test201493 minEnglish creditsFeatureRussia
DVD-15675Aleksandr MindadzeMy Good Hans2015214 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15643Abramenko, EgorPassenger201711 minNoneFeatureRussia
DVD-15687Aprymov, SerikThree Brothers1999, Kazakhstan76 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15626Arutyunian, SergeiThe Caller Is Not Available201616 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15633Asadulin, OlegDark World of Balance201392 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7638Abdyzhaparov, ErnestBoz Salkyn2007, Kyrgystan95 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia