The table below contains all feature films in the collection from Russia by directors with last names starting with E. Results can be narrowed by search. Some common searches include film type, director and title.

Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
DVD-3928Efimov, Igor' and Maksim Korostyshevskii The Game of Modern200381 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8555Efremov, Aleksandr Let's Get MarriedBelorussia, USSR 198286 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5559Efremov, Aleksandr Our Man in San RemoBelorussia, USSR 1990107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8909Efremov, Aleksandr The LeaderBelarus, 200197 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8894Efremov, Oleg and Naum Andrashnikov Old New Year19802 episodes; 138 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5104Efros, Anatolii Leap Year1961no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4328Efros, Anatolii On Thursday and Never Again197793 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4778Efros, Anatolii and Georgii Natanson A Noisy Day1961101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4917Egen, Nurbek A Day Older19978:30 minFeatureRussia
V-5415Egen, Nurbek Closed Space200025 minFeatureRussia
V-9460Egen, Nurbek The Wedding ChestRussia, France, Germany, and Kyrgyzstan 2005104 minRussian voice-over; no subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7647Eggert, Konstantin and Vladimir Gardin A Bear's Weddings192577 minno English intertitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4674Eggert, Konstantin and Vladimir Gardin The Bear's Wedding192577 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12010Egiazarov, Aleksandr Burning Snow1972105 minFeatureRussia
V-5241Egiazarov, Aleksandr Burning Snow1972105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7436Egorov, Evgenii The Zombie Variant198589 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7683Egorov, Iurii A Common Story196084 minPALFeatureRussia
V-2929Egorov, Iurii A Common Story196068 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5960Egorov, Iurii Fathers and Uncles198283 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7702Egorov, Iurii Once Twenty Years Ago198078 minPALFeatureRussia
V-4789Egorov, Iurii The Frozen Sea195593 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6491Egorov, Iurii The Person From the Other SideUSSR and Sweden, 197197 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4780Egorov, Iurii They Were the First1956100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2950Egorov, Iurii Volunteers195897 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5563Eiramdzhan, Anatolii My Sailor Girl199080 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4571Eiramdzhan, Anatolii Nocturnal Visit199875 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4599Eiramdzhan, Anatolii Prima Donna Mary199878 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4598Eiramdzhan, Anatolii The New Odeon199278 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7075Eiramdzhan, Anatolii The Womanizer199074 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
D-0557Eisenstein, Sergei Alexander Nevsky1938107 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0619Eisenstein, Sergei Alexander Nevsky1938108 minFeatureRussia
F-1161Eisenstein, Sergei Alexander Nevsky1938107 minFeatureRussia
V-1174Eisenstein, Sergei Alexander Nevsky1938107 minFeatureRussia
D-0163Eisenstein, Sergei Battleship Potemkin1925/2667 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0402Eisenstein, Sergei Battleship Potemkin1925/2674 minFeatureRussia
DVD-12024Eisenstein, Sergei Battleship Potemkin1925/2669 minFeatureRussia
V-3876Eisenstein, Sergei Battleship Potemkin1925/2673 minFeatureRussia
D-0577Eisenstein, Sergei Bezhin Meadow1933-3531 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0661Eisenstein, Sergei Bezhin Meadow1933-3531 minFeatureRussia
V-2306Eisenstein, Sergei Bezhin Meadow1933-3530 minFeatureRussia
F-0860Eisenstein, Sergei Bezhin Meadow1933-3528 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0620Eisenstein, Sergei Ivan the Terrible, Part 21944-4685 minFeatureRussia
V-1187Eisenstein, Sergei Ivan the Terrible, Part 21944-4685 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0620Eisenstein, Sergei Ivan the Terrible, Part I1944-4699 minFeatureRussia
F-1089Eisenstein, Sergei Ivan the Terrible, Part I1944-4696 minFeatureRussia
V-1186Eisenstein, Sergei Ivan the Terrible, Part I1944-4699 minFeatureRussia
DVD-10301Eisenstein, Sergei October1927/1928105 minHYPERKINO: PALFeatureRussia
DVD-0680Eisenstein, Sergei October/Ten Days that Shook the World1927/1928104 minFeatureRussia
V-3517Eisenstein, Sergei October/Ten Days that Shook the World1927/1928104 minFeatureRussia
DVD-10300Eisenstein, Sergei Strike192483 minHYPERKINO: PALFeatureRussia
V-1189Eisenstein, Sergei Strike1924/2571 minFeatureRussia
F-0964Eisenstein, Sergei Strike1924/2560 minFeatureRussia
D-0491Eisenstein, Sergei Strike1924/2582 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0669 & 12089Eisenstein, Sergei Strike1924/2594 minFeatureRussia
V-4530Eisenstein, Sergei Strike1924/2594 minFeatureRussia
xV-1741Eisenstein, Sergei Ten Days that Shook the World/October1927/1928120 minFeatureRussia
xV-0804Eisenstein, Sergei Ten Days that Shook the World/October1927/192875 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7782 & 10159Eisenstein, Sergei The General Line [aka - The Old and the New]192990 minFeatureRussia
V-1479Eisenstein, Sergei The General Line [aka - The Old and the New]192974 minFeatureRussia
F-0973Eisenstein, Sergei The General Line [aka - The Old and the New]192970 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0665Eisenstein, Sergei] Aleksandrov, Grigorii Que Viva Mexico!197989 minFeatureRussia
V-3843Eisymont, Viktor All in Good Time195674 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6053Eisymont, Viktor Fires on the River195380 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6979Eisymont, Viktor Frontline Girlfriends194195 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5133Eisymont, Viktor Once There Lived a Girl194474 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5891Eisymont, Viktor The Battle Cruiser "Variag"194692 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4764Eisymont, Viktor The Battle Cruiser "Variag"194692 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4495Eisymont, Viktor The Fate of a Drummer195585 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6220Eisymont, Viktor Tolia Kliukvin's Adventures196467 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-8780Ekk, Nikolai Road to Life193198 minFeatureRussia
V-2311Ekk, Nikolai Road to Life193198 minFeatureRussia
V-7300El'iashev, Dmitrii Autumn Ball200244 minFeatureRussia
V-6884El'iashev, Dmitrii Autumn Ball200244 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7746Eliazarov, Gavrill Burning Snow1972105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5401Elina, Valentina The Purse20009 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7872Elliott, Michael [Chekhov, Anton] The Cherry OrchardUK, 1962130 minFeatureRussia
V-5588Eremenko, Nikolai, Jr. The Son for the FatherRussia and Belarus, 199580 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0361Erkenov, Khusein A Hundred Days Before the Command199071 minFeatureRussia
V-8075Erkenov, Khusein Don't Shoot the Passenger1993100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2489Erkenov, Khusein The Black Ball200390 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6105Erkenov, Khusein The Chill199168 minFeatureRussia
V-5548Ermash, Andrei The End of Eternity1987137 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7073Ermash, Andrei The Moon's Rainbow198390 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7854Ermler, Fridrikh A Great Citizen (Part 1)1937118 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-7854Ermler, Fridrikh A Great Citizen (Part 2)1939134 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4054Ermler, Fridrikh A Great Citizen (Part 2)1939120 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7897Ermler, Fridrikh Fragment of an Empire1929no subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4675Ermler, Fridrikh Fragment of an Empire1929no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3846Ermler, Fridrikh Great Turning Point1945108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4996Ermler, Fridrikh House in the Snow Drifts192733 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7784Ermler, Fridrikh No Greater LoveKazakhstan, USSR 194374 minEnglish dubFeatureRussia
V-1991Ermler, Fridrikh No Greater LoveKazakhstan, USSR 194374 minEnglish dubFeatureRussia
V-4056Ermler, Fridrikh Peasants1934107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4886Ermler, Fridrikh She Defends the MotherlandKazakhstan, USSR 194380 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5001Ermler, Fridrikh The Parisian Cobbler192840 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2949Ermler, Fridrikh Unfinished Novel1955100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5000Ermler, Fridrikh and Eduard Ioganson Kat'ka the Apple Seller192669 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5542Ermolaev, Boris My Home--The Theatre1975/198798 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4513Ershov, Konstantin The Man Who Was Lucky197884 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5986Ershov, Konstantin The RooksUkraine, USSR 198290 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7765Ershov, Konstantin Women Are Serious When JokingUkraine, USSR 198187 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0352 & 6495Ershov, Konstantin and Georgii Kropachev Vii196778 minFeatureRussia
V-4561Ershov, Konstantin and Georgii Kropachev Vii196778 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3822Ershov, Mikhail Blood Ties 196383 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5544Ershov, Mikhail I'm Seeking a Lifelong Friend198797 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6364Ershov, Mikhail In the Old Rhythms198291 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5358Ershov, Mikhail On the Road to Berlin196992 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8859-60Ershov, Mikhail The Blockade1974 and 1977176 and 170 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8326Erzinkian, Iurii and Laert Vagarshian Song of First LoveArmenia, USSR 195896 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6118Eshpai, Andrei Ellipsis2006104 minPALFeatureRussia
V-6406Eshpai, Andrei A. A Hill in Blossom in an Empty Field200175 minFeatureRussia
V-6407Eshpai, Andrei A. Anna's Hill200175 minEnglish versionFeatureRussia
V-5580Eshpai, Andrei A. The Insulted and the InjuredUSSR and Switzerland 1990106 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5815Eshpai, Andrei A. The Joker198899 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8407Evstigneev, Denis Let's Make Love200184 minFeatureRussia
V-8001Evstigneev, Denis Let's Make Love200184 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3868Evstigneev, Denis Limita199489 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4616Evstigneev, Denis Limita199489 minFeatureRussia
V-4284Evstigneev, Denis Mama199999 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-1593Evtushenko, Evgenii Kindergarten1983143 minFeatureRussia
V-0460Evtushenko, Evgenii Stalin's Funeral1990109 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7869Eyre, Richard [Chekhov, Anton] The Cherry OrchardUK, 1981128 minFeatureRussia
DVD-10555Erzinkian, IuriiKhatabala1971, Armenian SSR69 minNo subtitles PALFeatureRussia
DVD-10522Erzinkian, Iurii & Vagarshian, LaertSong of First Love1958, Armenian SSR103 minNo subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16303Eleonskii, DenisTwelve months: a new fairy tale201585 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-15677Erkenov, KhuseinOrdered to Forget201487 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15628Ermler, FridrikhFragment of an Empire1929111 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia