The table below contains all feature films in the collection from Russia by directors with last names starting with F. Results can be narrowed by search. Some common searches include film type, director and title.

Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
DVD-5262Fadeeva, Ol'ga Her Game200426 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5137Faintsimmer, Aleksandr KotovskiiKazakhstan, USSR 194272 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5887Faintsimmer, Aleksandr Lt. KizheBelorussia, USSR 193487 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4672Faintsimmer, Aleksandr Lt. KizheBelorussia, USSR 193487 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5266Faintsimmer, Aleksandr The Bar on Piatnitskaia Street197790 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3815Faintsimmer, Aleksandr The Gadfly1955103 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6493Faintsimmer, Aleksandr The Girl With a Guitar195893 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5251Faintsimmer, Aleksandr and Vladimir Korsh-Sablin Konstantin ZaslonovBelorussia, USSR 194983 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7959Faiziev, Dzhakhangir Siz-kim-siz?Uzbekistan, USSR 198987 minFeatureRussia
DVD-9190Faiziev, Dzhanik August of Eighth2012127 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-3889Faiziev, Dzhanik Turkish Gambit2005125 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9141Faiziev, Dzhanik Turkish Gambit2005125 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7448Faiziev, Khabib Careful! Train Robbery1991122 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6393Faiziev, Khabib The Ravine1991135 minFeatureRussia
V-5578Fattakhutdinov, Pavel and Vladimir Khotinenko Alone and Unarmed198473 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9306Fedorchenko, Aleksei First on the Moon75 minFeatureRussia
DVD-6055Fedorchenko, Aleksei Shosho200660 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-9010Fedorchenko, Aleksei Silent Souls201075 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5161Fenchenko, Anna Match-Making200627 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-9011Fenchenko, Anna Missing Man201096 minPALFeatureRussia
V-5405 & 5415Fenchenko, Anna Original By Chagall199920 minFeatureRussia
V-5413Fenchenko, Anna The Appointment200019 minFeatureRussia
DVD-9517Fenin, Vasilii Lemon Grove201027 minPALFeatureRussia
V-4904Fenin, Vasilii The Angel19998 minFeatureRussia
V-4918Fenin, Vasilii The Angel19998 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8907Ferrario, Cesare The Russian BeautyRussia and Italy, 2001105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7860Fesenko, Oleg Rush Hour2006107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5702Fesenko, Oleg Rush Hour2006107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7906Fetin, Vladimir A Sweet Woman197693 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5250Fetin, Vladimir A Sweet Woman197698 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5651Fetin, Vladimir Disappeared Among the Living198185 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3959Fetin, Vladimir Striped Voyage196183 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5134Fetin, Vladimir Striped Voyage196183 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0535Fetin, Vladimir Tale of the Don196495 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5243Fetin, Vladimir Virineia1968108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7411Feting, Iurii and Andrei Kravchuk A Christmas Mystery2000105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6372Fialko, Oleg Butterfly's ReturnUkraine, USSR 198293 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4503Fialko, Oleg God's TrampUkraine, USSR 198888 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6177Fialko, Oleg The ImitatorUkraine, USSR 199096 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7658Figurovskii, Nikolai The Clock Stopped at MidnightBelorussia, USSR 1958; rest 1974103 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5240Figurovskii, Nikolai The Clock Stopped At MidnightBelorussia, USSR 1958; rest 1974103 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6440Figurovskii, Nikolai and Lev Golub The Partisan's ChildrenBelorussia, USSR 195483 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9498Filippov, Roman Dedication200414 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9199Fliangol'ts, Oleg Indifference201182 minPALFeatureRussia
V-5955Fokin, Vladimir A House for the Rich2000no subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7682Fokin, Vladimir Aleksandr the Little198194 minPALFeatureRussia
V-5100Fokin, Vladimir Aleksandr the Little198198 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5663-7Fokin, Vladimir TASS Is Authorized To Announce198410 episodes; 700 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7905Fokin, Vladimir The Investigator1979164 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5182Fokin, Vladimir The Investigator1979134 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6488Fokin, Vladimir To the First Blood198987 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7065Foliants, Karine Nocturne for Drum and Motorcycle1994no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5567Fomenko, Petr Journeys in an Old Automobile198586 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7458Fomin, Oleg Dear EpRSFSR, USSR and Belorussia, 199196 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5888Fomin, Oleg Gentlemen Officers, Save the Emperor2008105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10021Fomin, Oleg Line Disconnected [Konchalovskii, Egor - et al - Moscow, I Love You!20105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7449Fomin, Oleg OkayRussia, 2002104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3715Fomin, Oleg The Tax Man199773 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5268Frez, Il'ia I Loved You196791 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12019Frez, Il'ia Not Even in Your Dreams198090 minFeatureRussia
V-5303Frez, Il'ia Not Even in Your Dreams198090 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5245Frez, Il'ia The Eccentric From Five-B197290 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6454Frez, Il'ia The First-Grader194671 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3935Frid, Ian A Dog in the Hay1977129 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7086Frid, Ian A Dog in the Hay1977129 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3868Frid, Ian Charitable Martha1980145 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7087Frid, Ian Charitable Martha1980145 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7761Frid, Ian Don Cesar de Bazan2 episodes; 133 min1989no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7762Frid, Ian Free Wind2 episodes; 134 min1983no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8896Frid, Ian Sil'va19812 episodes; 147 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9686Frid, Ian Tartuffe1992100 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8852Frid, Ian The Flying Mouse19792 episodes; 141 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3200Frid, Ian The Twelfth Night195688 minEnglish dubFeatureRussia
DVD-7624Fridberg, Isaak Little Doll1988135 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-0023Fridberg, Isaak Little Doll1988135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0591Fridman, Evgenii Treasure Island197186 minFeatureRussia
V-6523Frolov, Andrei The First Glove194682 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6166Frumin, Boris Crime and Weather200692 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5498Frumin, Boris Diary of a School Director197578 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2607Frumin, Boris Errors of Youth198987 minFeatureRussia
V-2606Frumin, Boris Viva Castro199382 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5250Frumin, Boris and Iurii Lebedev The Illegal200595 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9584Frumin, Boris and Iurii Lebedev The Illegal200595 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3465Fruntov, Rudol'f Fools Die on FridaysUSSR and Bulgaria, 199096 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7257Fruntov, Rudol'f On Love, Friendship, and Fate198799 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6352Fruntov, Rudol'f Troublesome Sunday198386 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10521Frunze DovlatianHello, it\'s me1965137 minNo subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16059Fiks, DmitriiSomeone Else\'s Dear Heart2015175 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10691Fiks, DmitriiThe White Moor, or Intimate Stories about My Neighbors201294 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10716Fetin, VladimirStriped Trip196184 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10803Faiziyev, DzhanikThe Turkish Gambit2005130 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16275Feokistov, Aleksei And There Was War2009156 minNo subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16301Fiks, DmitriiIntimate Stories about my Neighbors201295 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16269Feoktistov, AlekseiDon\'t steal!201190 minNo English SubtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16272Frid, IanLyubov Yarovaya1953145 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVDFreilikh, OlegProstituteBelorussian SSR, 192677 minEnglish intertitlesFeatureRussia
DVDFiks, DmitriiBig Love200694 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDFiks, DmitriiNot an Ideal Woman200894 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16272Frid, IanLyubov Yarovaya1953145 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
BRFedorchenko, AleksandrAngels of Revolution2014105 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16089Fiks, DmitriiMoscow Gigolo200897 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVDFam, CostaShoes201217 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15466Fiks, DmitriiNot an Ideal Woman200894 minNoneFeatureRussia
DVD-15454Fam, CostaShoes201217 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15453Fam, KonstantinSlippers2012, Belarus20 minFeatureRussia
DVD-15471Fedorchenko, AlekseiAngels of Revolution2014105 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15693Fiks, DmitriiBig Love200694 minFeatureRussia
DVD-15666Federchenko, AlekseiCelestial Wives of the Meadow Mari2012106 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15697Farzh, Zhoel\'Killer1998, Kazakhstan75 minFrench subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15620Freilikh, OlegProstitute1926, Belarusian SSR77 minEnglish intertitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-15465Fiks, DmitriiMan From Nowhere201094 minFeatureRussia