The table below contains all feature films in the collection from Russia by directors with last names starting with K. Results can be narrowed by search. Some common searches include film type, director and title.

Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
DVD-3886Kachanov, Roman Ar'e200592 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-4141Kachanov, Roman DMB200090 minPALFeatureRussia
V-7137Kachanov, Roman DMB200090 minFeatureRussia
V-5320Kachanov, Roman DMB200090 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-4142Kachanov, Roman DMB--002200090 minPALFeatureRussia
V-6098Kachanov, Roman DMB--002200090 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1559Kachanov, Roman Down House200183 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8409Kachanov, Roman Down House200183 minFeatureRussia
V-6277Kachanov, Roman Down House200183 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7069Kachanov, Roman The Freak199392 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7068Kachanov, Roman and Ivan Biriukov Don't Ask Me About Anything199180 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0910Kadochnikov, Pavel The Snow Maiden196893 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5189Kagadeev, Andrei and Nikolai Kopeikin Bee-Hives200285 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5184Kagadeev, Andrei and Nikolai Kopeikin Geopolyps - A Politically Incorrect Comedy200470 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-9512Kai, Hansen, Vasilii Goncharov and Aleksandr Ural'skii The Year of 18121912minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3938Kaidanovskii, Aleksandr A Simple Death 199468 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3687Kaidanovskii, Aleksandr Wife of the Kerosene Seller1987101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0988Kaiumov, Gennadii and Timur Bekmambetov Escape from Afghanistan [The Peshevar Waltz]199487 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5546Kakabaev, Khalmamed The SonTurkmenistan, USSR 198989 minFeatureRussia
DVD-13145Kalatozishvili, Mikhail [Kalatozov,Mikhail] Film About Mikhail Kalatozov2007120 minFeatureRussia
V-7060Kalatozishvili, Mikhail Mysteries200080 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7711Kalatozishvili, Mikhail Wild Field2008104 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-1307Kalatozov, Mikhail Courage193975 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0631Kalatozov, Mikhail I, CubaUSSR and Cuba, 1964141 minFeatureRussia
V-2630Kalatozov, Mikhail I, CubaUSSR and Cuba, 1964141 minFeatureRussia
DVD-10276Kalatozov, Mikhail Letter Never Sent196096 minFeatureRussia
DVD-3578Kalatozov, Mikhail Red TentUSSR and Italy, 1969121 minFeatureRussia
V-2332Kalatozov, Mikhail Red TentUSSR and Italy, 1969121 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0363 & 2874Kalatozov, Mikhail The Cranes Are Flying195791 minFeatureRussia
V-1176Kalatozov, Mikhail The Cranes Are Flying195791 minFeatureRussia
V-0385Kalatozov, Mikhail The Cranes Are Flying 195791 minHebrew subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7892Kalatozov, Mikhail The Unsent Letter195997 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3699Kalatozov, Mikhail The Unsent Letter195997 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0105Kalatozov, Mikhail True Friends195497 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3938Kalatozov, Mikhail True Friends 195497 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9549Kalatozov, Mikhail Valerii Chkalov194185 min; all Stalin scenes cutno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-0386Kalatozov, Mikhail Valerii Chkalov194185 min; all Stalin scenes cutFeatureRussia
V-3838Kalatozov, Mikhail Valerii Chkalov194189 min; completeno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6912Kalenov, Igor' Alexander - The Nevskaia Battle2008111 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5957Kaliagin, Aleksandr Prokhindiada--2199494 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4088Kalik, Mikhail And the Wind ReturnethUSSR and USA, 1991133 minFeatureRussia
V-4080Kalik, Mikhail Goodbye Boys!196482 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4991Kalik, Mikhail LullabyMoldavia, USSR 196095 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4550Kalik, Mikhail To LoveMoldavia, USSR 196874 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1550Kalinin, Nikolai The Bronze BirdBelorussia, USSR 1973-743 episodes; 188 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8124-5Kalinin, Nikolai The Bronze BirdBelorussia, USSR 1973-743 episodes; 188 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1549Kalinin, Nikolai The DaggerBelorussia, USSR 19733 episodes; 209 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8122-3Kalinin, Nikolai The DaggerBelorussia, USSR 19733 episodes; 209 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10021Kalinina, Ekaterina A Midsummer Night's Smile [Konchalovskii, Egor - et al - Moscow, I Love You!20105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8930Kamalova, Kamara The SavageUzbekistan, USSR 198985 minFeatureRussia
V-5679Kanevskii, Vitalii An Independent LifeRussia and France, 1991104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-1773Kanevskii, Vitaly Freeze, Die, Come to Life1989105 minFeatureRussia
V-5364Kapilevich, Aleksei The Plane Flies to Russia199499 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5959Kaplunovskii, Vladimir The Captain's Daughter1959100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8884Kapur, Shashi and Gennadii Vasil'ev The Black Prince AdzhubaUSSR and India, 1989141 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-4114Kara, Iurii Balthazar's Feast, or A Night With Stalin199088 minFeatureRussia
V-5647Kara, Iurii Balthazar's Feast, or A Night With Stalin199088 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-4136Kara, Iurii Barons of Crime198795 minFeatureRussia
V-0024Kara, Iurii Barons of Crime198795 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9545Kara, Iurii Hamlet XXI Century2009144 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6959Kara, Iurii I'm the Dummy2002no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8911Kara, Iurii Interesting Men2002100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6902Kara, Iurii KorolevRussia and Ukraine, 2007112 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-12022Kara, Iurii Tomorrow There Came the War198789 minFeatureRussia
V-4274Kara, Iurii Tomorrow There Came the War198789 minFeatureRussia
V-6609Karagulov, Bakhyt The Day Lasts Longer Than a Hundred YearsKyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, 199590 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7958Karakulov, Amir HomewreckerKazakhstan, USSR 199181 minFeatureRussia
V-6885Karakulov, Amir The Last VacationKazakhstan, 199665 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7937Karakulov, Amir ZhylamaKazakhstan, 200280 minFeatureRussia
V-6532Karamian, Erazm and Stepan Kevorkov Personally KnownArmenia, USSR 1957108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7173Karamian, Erazm and Stepan Kevorkov Special AssignmentArmenia, USSR 1965111 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9479Karandashov, Sergei The Wanderer200590 minFeatureRussia
DVD-9564Karanovich, Anatolii and Sergei Iutkevich Maiakovskii Laughing197587 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7405Karanovich, Anatolii and Sergei Iutkevich Maiakovskii Laughing197587 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3197Karasik, Iulii Seagull197199 minFeatureRussia
V-5321Karasik, Iulii Sixth of July1968112 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6485Karasik, Iulii Without the Sun1987107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6524Karasik, Iurii Dingo, The Wild Dog196297 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3914Karelin, Aleksei Time to Collect the Stones2005110 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6425Karelov, Evgenii "Rude Boy"1961100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7887Karelov, Evgenii Don Quixote's Children196578 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5270Karelov, Evgenii Seven Old Men and One Girl196881 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2712Karelov, Evgenii Two Comrades Were Serving196899 minFeatureRussia
V-3101Karelov, Evgenii Two Comrades Were Serving196899 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9182Karimov, Roman Into Smithereens201189 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-7701Karis, Khelle The Wild SwansEstonia, USSR 1988102 minPALFeatureRussia
V-6001Karpykov, Abai FaraKazakhstan and Russia, 199589 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8929Karpykov, Abai The Blown KissKazakhstan, USSR 199184 minFeatureRussia
V-5322Karpykov, Abai The Blown KissKazakhstan, USSR 199184 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6182Karpykov, Abai The More Tender OneRussia and Kazakhstan, 199692 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5264Karro, Denis Bathing the Red Horse200224minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5521Karsakbaev, Abdulla A Troublesome MorningKazakhstan, USSR 196682 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-3641Karsakbaev, Abdulla My Name is KozhaKazakhstan, USSR 196386 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5526Karsakbaev, Abdulla Pursuit in the SteppesKazakhstan, USSR 197990 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5522Karsakbaev, Abdulla The Salty Lake of ChildhoodKazakhstan, USSR 198363 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6940Kasatkin, Aleksandr Listening to Silence200796 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10021Kasatkin, Aleksandr Mosca ti amo [Konchalovskii, Egor - et al - Moscow, I Love You!20105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-8962Kasimov, Dja Khougir The WaterUzbekistan, 200988 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6182Kasperski, Wojtech SeedsRussia and Poland, 200527 minPALFeatureRussia
V-7243Kats, Mikhail The Lame Exit FirstUkraine, 1993130 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6530Kavaleridze, Ivan The FlirtUkraine, USSR 196183 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5208Kavun, Andrei Hunting for Piranha2006125 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-8845Kavun, Andrei Kandahar2009100 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-2003Kavun, Oleg Lessons at the End of Spring199175 minFeatureRussia
V-5509Kawalerowciz, Jerzy For What?Poland and Russia, 1995107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-8940Kazankov, Il'ia Mama200921 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-1548Kazanskii, Gennadii Old Man Khottabych195686 minFeatureRussia
V-0539Kazanskii, Gennadii Old Man Khottabych195686 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0597Kazanskii, Gennadii The Snow Queen196685 minFeatureRussia
V-4326Kazanskii, Gennadii and Vladimir Chebotarev Human Amphibian196297 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0350Kazanskii, Georgii and Vladimir Chebotarev Human Amphibian196297 minFeatureRussia
V-8876Kaznina, Marina A Secret Power200290 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6095Kel'chevskaia, Anna and Vladimir Kil'burg Rupture2006110 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-2711Keosaian, Edmond Crown of the Russian Empire, or the Elusives Again1970-1130 minFeatureRussia
V-4765Keosaian, Edmond Crown of the Russian Empire, or the Elusives Again1970-1130 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2708Keosaian, Edmond New Adventures of the Elusives196882 minFeatureRussia
V-7430Keosaian, Edmond The Cook196571 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2710Keosaian, Edmond The Elusive Revengers196674 minFeatureRussia
V-0536Keosaian, Edmond The Elusive Revengers196674 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5820Keosaian, Tigran Kat'ka and the Schiz199283 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7859Keosaian, Tigran Mirage2008100 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3698Keosaian, Tigran Poor Sasha1997105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5202Keosaian, Tigran Rabbit Over the Void200691 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6319Keosaian, Tigran Silvery Lillies200093 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5998Keosaian, Tigran The President and His Granddaughter2000101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6918Kessel', Aleksandr While He Was Flying200636 minPALFeatureRussia
V-5994Kevorkov, Georgii The Lock UpUkraine, USSR 199078 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7758Kevorkov, Georgii and Ruben Gevorkiants The White BoneArmenia, USSR 1988100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6532Kevorkov, Stepan and Erazm Karamian Personally KnownArmenia, USSR 1957108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7173Kevorkov, Stepan and Erazm Karamian Special AssignmentArmenia, USSR 1965111 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6285Khamdamov, Alisher Stepan Gusliakov's HaremKazakhstan, USSR 199099 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4474Khamdamov, Rustam Anna KaramazoffRussia and France, 1991125 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5241Khamdamov, Rustam Vocal ParallelsKazakhstan and Russia, 200565 minFeatureRussia
V-9307Khamdamov, Rustam Vocal ParallelsKazakhstan and Russia, 200565 minRussian dubFeatureRussia
V-8028Khamidov, Sukhbat A Meeting at the Old MosqueTadzhikistan, USSR 1969no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6503Khamidov, Tolib The PresenceTadjikistan, 199583 minGerman subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6506Khamraev, Ali Bo Ba BuUzbekistan and Italy, 199896 minFeatureRussia
V-9323Khamraev, Ali Man Follows BirdUzbekistan, USSR 197592 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12086Khamraev, Ali The Artists2007104 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6507Khamraev, Ali The Garden of Desires198798 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5632Khamraev, Ali The Seventh BulletUzbekistan, USSR 197284 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9320Khamraev, Ali Without FearUzbekistan, USSR 197185 minFeatureRussia
V-5988Khamraev, Iskander Murder on Monastery Ponds1990157 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6344Khamraev, Iskander and Igor' Sheshukov The Red Arrow198692 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9512Khanzhankov, Aleksandr and Vasilii Goncharov The Defense of Sevastopol1911minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7428-9Kharchenko, Valerii Document RBelorussia, USSR 19853 episodes; 73 min eachno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7081Kharchenko, Valerii Super CopUSSR, Finland, Bulgaria, USA, Czechoslovakia 1990134 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12053Khazanova, Elena A Game of Words - The Oligarch's InterpreterRussia and Switzerland, 200689 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6931Khazanova, Elena A Game of Words - The Oligarch's InterpreterRussia and Switzerland, 2006105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5162Khazizov, Petr Manga200570 minPALFeatureRussia
V-9564Khazizov, Petr Manga200570 minFeatureRussia
DVD-6159Kheifits, Iosif A Big Family1954108 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3711Kheifits, Iosif A Big Family1954108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9685Kheifits, Iosif Asia197798 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4327Kheifits, Iosif Day of Fortune1963102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5515Kheifits, Iosif First Time Married197999 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4521Kheifits, Iosif Hail Maria!1970135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1933Kheifits, Iosif Lady With a Dog196086 minFeatureRussia
V-3190Kheifits, Iosif Lady With a Dog196086 minFeatureRussia
V-9682Kheifits, Iosif Lady with a Dog196083 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5115Kheifits, Iosif My Dear Man1958108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6296Kheifits, Iosif Shurochka198298 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8016Kheifits, Iosif The Accused198690 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5626Kheifits, Iosif The Bad Good Person1973100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5284Kheifits, Iosif The Only One197596 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4775Kheifits, Iosif The Rumiantsev Affair1955103 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5341Kheifits, Iosif The Wandering Bus199098 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6269Kheifits, Iosif Whose Are You, Old-Timers?198899 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7783Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi Baltic Deputy193795 minFeatureRussia
V-1992Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi Baltic Deputy 1936-3795 minFeatureRussia
DVD-8852Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi Hot Money193593 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8014Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi Hot Money193590 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-8865Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi Member of the Government1939; rest. 1964105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3865Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi Member of the Government1939; rest. 1964105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9462Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi My Motherland193380 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5863Kheifits, Iosif and Aleksandr Zarkhi The Malakhov MoundGeorgia, USSR 194482 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6953Kheifits, Iosif, Aleksandr Zarkhi, and Rza Takhmasib The Fires of BakuAzerbaidzhan, USSR 1950; rel. 195893 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6053Khlebnikov, Boris Free Floating2006105 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-8878Khlebnikov, Boris Help Gone Mad2009118 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-8897Khlebnikov, Boris Shame [Khlebnikov, Boris, et al - Crush]200918 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-7930Khlebnikov, Boris and Aleksei Popogrebskii Koktebel2003100 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7950Khlebnikov, Boris and Aleksei Popogrebskii Koktebel2003100 minFeatureRussia
DVD-8897Khlebnikov, Boris, et al Crush200992 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6388Khleborodov, Mikhail Paragraph 78200788 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6389Khleborodov, Mikhail Paragraph 78. Film 2200790 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-9543Khmel'nitskaia, Alisa and Rezo Gigineishvili No Men201093 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3831Khmel'nitskii, Iuzef Mister "X" 195891 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-4116Khodzha, Akhmet Abbas and Vasilii Pronin Journey Beyond the SeasUSSR and India, 1957143 minFeatureRussia
DVD-3314Khodzhakuli, Ovliakuli OedipusKyrgyzstan, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan 200458 minRussian dubFeatureRussia
V-9560Khodzhikov, Sultan Kyz-ZhibekKazakhstan, USSR 19702 parts; 140 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9347Khokhlova, Aleksandra SashaBelorussia, USSR 193040 minno English intertitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7928Khomeriki, Nikolai977200687 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9478Khomeriki, Nikolai977200687 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-8883Khomeriki, Nikolai Tale in the Darkness200977 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5263Khomeriki, Nikolai The Storm200410 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6189Khomeriki, Nikolai The Two of UsRussia and France, 200529:30 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9317Khomeriki, Nikolai The Two of UsRussia and France, 200529:30 minFeatureRussia
DVD-4145Khotinenko, Il'ia Call me Genie!200588 minFeatureRussia
V-9147Khotinenko, Il'ia Call me Genie!200588 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5967Khotinenko, Il'ia The Face of French Nationality200082 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8132Khotinenko, Il'ia Wise Guy (Odyssey 1989)200270 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7649Khotinenko, Il'ia and Elizaveta Lizhnina Love Contract200794 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6986Khotinenko, Vladimir16122007143 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6933Khotinenko, Vladimir16122007143 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-4187Khotinenko, Vladimir 72 Meters2003100 minFeatureRussia
DVD-2147Khotinenko, Vladimir 72 Meters2003100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8398Khotinenko, Vladimir 72 Meters2003100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4499Khotinenko, Vladimir A Deafening Silence198687 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4480Khotinenko, Vladimir A Patriotic Comedy1992109 minFeatureRussia
V-5399Khotinenko, Vladimir Makarov199399 minFeatureRussia
V-0499Khotinenko, Vladimir Makarov199399 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0513Khotinenko, Vladimir Mirror for a Hero1987139 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3742Khotinenko, Vladimir Moscow, We Are Your Children! Celebrate!199745 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3915Khotinenko, Vladimir On the Other Side of the Wolves2002198 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7757Khotinenko, Vladimir On the Other Side of the Wolves2002198 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4981Khotinenko, Vladimir Strastnoi Boulevard1999107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0490Khotinenko, Vladimir The Muslim1995110 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-8869Khotinenko, Vladimir The Priest2010128 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4318Khotinenko, Vladimir The Road (The Arrival of the Train) 199520 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6360Khotinenko, Vladimir The Swarm1990148 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5578Khotinenko, Vladimir and Pavel Fattakhutdinov Alone and Unarmed198473 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5572Khotinenko, Vladimir and Violetta Sedova SW--Sleeping Wagon198993 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5178Khotivari, Levan and Semen Dolidze Dragon-FlyGeorgia, USSR 195498 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6388Khovenko, Valentin Eyes199283 minFeatureRussia
V-5659Khrabrovitskii, Daniil PasswordTadzhikistan, USSR 1965116 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5379Khrabrovitskii, Daniil Taming Fire1972166 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7165Khriakov, Aleksandr A House on Stone1994132 minFeatureRussia
V-7473Khriniuk, Evgenii Anna and the CommanderUkraine, USSR 197485 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9457Khrushch, Roman Luck200694 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
BD-4Khrushch, Roman Pechorin201095 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-8970Khrushch, Roman Pechorin201095 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-8815Khrzhanovskii, Andrei A Room and a Half2009121 minFeatureRussia
V-9151Khrzhanovskii, Il'ia42004126 minFeatureRussia
V-6947Khubov, Nikita and Stepan Stepanov[Rostotskii, Stanislav as] The Squadron of Flying Hussars1984164 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6307Khubov, Nikita The Body199094 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5817Khubov, Nikita The Fatal Mistake1988104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5648Khubov, Nikita Traitor197785 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6947Khubov, Nikita and Stepan Stepanov [Stanislav Rostotskii] The Squadron of Flying Hussars1984164 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8887Khudiakov, Konstantin A Different Woman, A Different Man200396 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3494Khudiakov, Konstantin Death in the Cinema199079 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6138Khudiakov, Konstantin He, She, and Me200687 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8130Khudiakov, Konstantin Mother of JesusUSSR and Israel, 198991 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8129Khudiakov, Konstantin No Return Address199890 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5587Khudiakov, Konstantin Success198493 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8332Khudiakov, Konstantin Who Will Pay for Success?1980no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5267Khudoinazarov, Bakhtier BroTadzhikistan, USSR 199193 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5529Khudoinazarov, Bakhtier Kosh ba KoshTajikistan, Russia, Switzerland, Japan 199398 minPALFeatureRussia
V-4341Khudoinazarov, Bakhtier Kosh ba KoshTajikistan, Russia, Switzerland, Japan 199398 minFeatureRussia
V-6101Khudoinazarov, Bakhtier Luna PapaTadjikistan, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan 1999107 minFeatureRussia
V-5238Khudoinazarov, Bakhtier Luna PapaTadjikistan, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan 1999107 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1031Khudoinazarov, Bakhtier The SuitRussia, Italy, France, 200292 minFeatureRussia
V-8928Khudonazarov, Davlat First Morning of YouthTadzhikistan, USSR 197970 minFeatureRussia
DVD-10008Khutsiev, Marlen I'm Twenty1965165 minFeatureRussia
V-6900Khutsiev, Marlen Infinity1991220 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4983Khutsiev, Marlen It Was the Month of May1970109 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5893Khutsiev, Marlen Lenin's Guard1962; restored 1988175 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-2938-9 V-5877 (ii)Khutsiev, Marlen Lenin's Guard1962; restored 1988175 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4763Khutsiev, Marlen Postscript198398 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3851Khutsiev, Marlen Rain in July1966109 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3099Khutsiev, Marlen Two FedorsUkraine, USSR 195889 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0919Khutsiev, Marlen and Feliks Mironer Spring on Zarechnaia StreetUkraine, USSR 195696 minFeatureRussia
V-7036Khutsiev, Marlen and Feliks Mironer Spring on Zarechnaia StreetUkraine, USSR 195696 minFeatureRussia
V-3107Khutsiev, Marlen and Feliks Mironer Spring on Zarechnaia StreetUkraine, USSR 195696 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6486Khvan Aleksandr The Master in Dominus199044 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1028Khvan, Aleksandr Carmen2003113 minFeatureRussia
V-3674Khvan, Aleksandr Diuba-Diuba1992140 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4567Khvan, Aleksandr Good Dope, Bad Dope199890 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3883Khvan, Aleksandr It's Easy to Die199989 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4568Khvan, Aleksandr It's Easy to Die199989 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4318Khvan, Aleksandr Wedding March in The Arrival of the Train199520 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6486Khvan, Aleksandr et al Dominus199079 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4318Khvan, Aleksandr et al The Arrival of the Train 199598 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7846Kiasashvili, Ivan Ladies Invite the Gentlemen198073 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8385Kiisk, Kal'e MindlessnessEstonia, USSR 1968; rel. 198779 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8381Kiisk, Kal'e ReginaEstonia, USSR 1990108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7767Kikabidze, Vakhtang and Tomaz Gomelauri God Bless You, My DearGeorgia, USSR 198177 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6095Kil'burg, Vladimir and Anna Kel'chevskaia Rupture2006110 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5361Kilibaev, Bakhyt Gongofer199298 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6443Kilibaev, Bakhyt and Aleksandr Baranov The ThreesomeKazakhstan, USSR 198868 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6940Kilibaev, Bakhyt and Aleksandr Baranov The TickKazakhstan, USSR 1990no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6942Kilibaev, Bakhyt and Aleksandr Baranov Woman of the DayKazakhstan, USSR 198986 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6611Kilmi, Jaak Star RideEstonia,36 minFeatureRussia
V-6898Kim, Rodion Bride and GroomKazakhstan, 19985 minno English creditsFeatureRussia
DVD-5575Kimiagarov, Boris Khasan ArbakeshTadzhikistan, USSR 196592 minPALFeatureRussia
V-9486Kireeva, Marianna and Marina Trush [Komarov, Sergei] The Film-Century of Sergei Komarov 200529 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6146Kirienko, Sasha IndiUkraine, 200792 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-9180Kiselev, Dmitrii, et al. Six Degrees of Celebration 2 - Getting to Know Each Other201196 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-9026Kisilev, Dmitrii and Aleksandr Voitynskii Black Lightning2009102 minFeatureRussia
V-6954Kldashvili, Nana and Aleksandr Zgridi Liza and Eliza199575 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7599Kleiman, Naum [Eisenstein, Sergei] Eisenstein - The Master's HouseRussia, 1998102 minFeatureRussia
DVD-8861Klimov, Elem Adventures of a Dentist196582 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-0416Klimov, Elem Adventures of a Dentist196582 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0610Klimov, Elem Agony [Rasputin]1975/1986152 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0614Klimov, Elem Come and SeeBelorussia and RSFSR, 1986142 minFeatureRussia
V-1034Klimov, Elem Come and SeeBelorussia and RSFSR, 1986142 minFeatureRussia
DVD-10182Klimov, Elem Farewell1982129 minPALFeatureRussia
V-4479Klimov, Elem Farewell1982129 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0173Klimov, Elem Larisa198025 minFeatureRussia
V-1480Klimov, Elem Rasputin [Agony]1975/1986104 minFeatureRussia
DVD-8860Klimov, Elem Sport, Sport, Sport!197085 minno subtitlesPA:FeatureRussia
V-4990Klimov, Elem Sport, Sport, Sport!197085 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2153Klimov, Elem Welcome, Unauthorized Entry Prohibite 196469 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3623Klimov, Elem Welcome, Unauthorized Entry Prohibited 196469 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0713Klimov, Elem[Shepit'ko, Larisa] Larisa198025 minFeatureRussia
DVD-6187Klimov, Vadim The Beautiful and the Not Living200414 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5812Klushantsev, Pavel Planet of Storms196178 minFeatureRussia
V-3195Klushantsev, Pavel Planet of Storms196173 minFeatureRussia
V-8141Kokhan, Grigorii and Timofei Levchuk Death HutUkraine, USSR 1991127 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8908Kokshenov, Mikhail Love Service200376 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7082Kokshenov, Mikhail and Mark Aizenberg Russian Business199378 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7083Kolcheev, Iurii Blood for BloodUkraine, USSR and RSFSR 1991100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9189Kolkov, Kirill Mums2011103 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7875Kolosov, Sergei Anna Firling's Roads1985157 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4607-8Kolosov, Sergei Drawing Fire1963-644 episodes, 308 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7085Kolosov, Sergei Mother Maria198284 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4612-5Kolosov, Sergei Operation "Cartel"19674 episodes; 352 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6390Kolosov, Sergei Remember Your NameUSSR and Poland, 1973104 minFeatureRussia
V-5338Kolosov, Sergei Remember Your NameUSSR and Poland, 1974104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7252Kol'tsov, Vitalii We Don't Need to Anticipate198487 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-1175Komarov, Sergei Mary Pickford's Kiss192760 minFeatureRussia
V-9321Komarov, Sergei The Doll with Millions192869 minno intertitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5360Kompasov, Oleg Aziris Numa200694 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-3925Kompasov, Oleg The Honeymoon2004196 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7714Konaeva, Tat'iana The Haute Couture Dress200780 minPALFeatureRussia
V-0458Konchalovskii, Andrei A Lover's Romance1974135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6991Konchalovskii, Andrei Gloss2007117 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-1427Konchalovskii, Andrei House of Fools2002104 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0905Konchalovskii, Andrei House of Fools2002104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1932Konchalovskii, Andrei Nest of Gentry1969111 minFeatureRussia
V-4678Konchalovskii, Andrei The First TeacherKyrgyzia, USSR and RSFSR 1965102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0462Konchalovskii, Andrei The Speckled HenRussia and France, 1994118 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5242Konchalovskii, Andrei The Story of Asia Kliachina 1967; rel. 198799 minPALFeatureRussia
V-0415Konchalovskii, Andrei The Story of Asia Kliachina 1967; rel. 198799 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12012Konchalovskii, Andron Siberiade1979260 minFeatureRussia
DVD-1393Konchalovskii, Andron Siberiade1979206 minFeatureRussia
V-2323Konchalovskii, Andron Siberiade1979206 minFeatureRussia
V-2731Konchalovskii, Andron[Chekhov, Anton] Uncle Vanya197197 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8399Konchalovskii, Egor Anti-Killer2002110 minFeatureRussia
V-7029Konchalovskii, Egor Anti-Killer2002110 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8400Konchalovskii, Egor Anti-Killer 2 - Anti-Terror2003122 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6143Konchalovskii, Egor Canned Goods2007111 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9142Konchalovskii, Egor Flight2005117 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10021Konchalovskii, Egor Muscovites [Konchalovskii, Egor - et al - Moscow, I Love You!20105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8405Konchalovskii, Egor The Recluse199988 minFeatureRussia
V-6317Konchalovskii, Egor The Recluse199988 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10021Konchalovskii, Egor et al Moscow, I Love You!201092 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-2303Konchalovsky, Andrei Duet for OneUSA, 1984108 minFeatureRussia
V-3886Konchalovsky, Andrei Homer and EddieUSA, 1989102 minFeatureRussia
V-2312Konchalovsky, Andrei Inner CircleUSA, 1991137 minFeatureRussia
V-2300Konchalovsky, Andrei Maria's LoversUSA, 1983103 minFeatureRussia
V-5310Konchalovsky, Andrei Nest of Gentry [aka - A Home of the Gentlefolk]1969111 minFeatureRussia
V-2318Konchalovsky, Andrei Runaway TrainUSA, 1985112 minFeatureRussia
V-2310Konchalovsky, Andrei Shy PeopleUSA, 1987119 minFeatureRussia
V-2369Konchalovsky, Andrei Tango and CashUSA, 1989104 minFeatureRussia
V-3917Konchalovsky, Andrei The Odyssey USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Malta 1997360 minFeatureRussia
V-2731Konchalovsky, Andron Uncle Vanya197197 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7152Konopkin, Iurii A Lilac Twilight200191 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3370Konopkin, Iurii and Dmitrii Meskhiev The Particularities of National Politics200380 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6181Konoval'chuk, Pavliuk Good-bye, Pops!Belarus, 200623 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4978Konstantinopol'skii, Grigorii 8 and 1/2 Dollars199990 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5072Konunov, Boris A Small FavorMoldavia, USSR 198480 minFeatureRussia
V-7841Konunov, Boris The Year of the Good ChildBelorussia and Moldavia, USSR 199189 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5189Kopeikin, Nikolai and Andrei Kagadeev Bee-Hives200285 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-5184Kopeikin, Nikolai and Andrei Kagadeev Geopolyps - A Politicaly Incorrect Comedy200470 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-5603Korchagin, Mstislav and Vladimir Basov School for Courage195499 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6404Kordium, Arnol'd Wind from the RapidsUkraine, USSR 1930no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6310Kordon, Arkadii Listen, Isn't It Raining?1999100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3945Korenev, Aleksei Domestic Circumstances1977137 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3113Korenev, Aleksei Domestic Circumstances1977137 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6261Korenev, Aleksei The Acceleratress198788 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5518-9Korenev, Aleksei The Big Change1972-3no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5670Korenev, Aleksei Three Days in Moscow1975no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8853Korenev, Aleksei You Are Called By Taimyr197089 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3859Koriagin, Sergei and Aleksandr Dulerain Ivan-the-Fool200297 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-8848Korostyshevskii, Maksim Fool!200485 minFeatureRussia
DVD-3928Korostyshevskii, Maksim and Igor' Efimov The Game of Modern200381 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5368Korsh-Sablin, Vladimir My LoveBelorussia, USSR 194181 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-14950Korsh-Sablin, Vladimir Seekers of HappinessBelorussia, USSR 193681 minFeatureRussia
V-5226Korsh-Sablin, Vladimir Seekers of HappinessBelorussia, USSR 193681 minFeatureRussia
V-3853Korsh-Sablin, Vladimir Seekers of HappinessBelorussia, USSR 193681 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8031Korsh-Sablin, Vladimir The Red LeavesBelorussia, USSR 195893 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5251Korsh-Sablin, Vladimir and Aleksandr Faintsimmer Konstantin ZaslonovBelorussia, USSR 194983 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7262Koshelev, Nikolai Sergeant Major197887 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0354Kosheverova, Nadezhda An Old, Old Tale196890 minFeatureRussia
V-7419Kosheverova, Nadezhda Beware the Grandmother!196088 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8068Kosheverova, Nadezhda Tale of the Enamored Painter198780 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2705Kosheverova, Nadezhda The Donkey's Skin198285 minFeatureRussia
V-8067Kosheverova, Nadezhda The Donkey's Skin198285 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7089Kosheverova, Nadezhda The Shadow197191 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7084Kosheverova, Nadezhda Tsarevich Prosha197489 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0928Kosheverova, Nadezhda and Aleksandr Ivanovskii Tamer of Tigers1954101 minFeatureRussia
DVD-6104Kosheverova, Nadezhda and Iurii Muzykant Arinka193982 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-3832Kosheverova, Nadezhda and Mikhail Shapiro Cain XVII196391 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3932Kosheverova, Nadezhda and Mikhail Shapiro Cinderella194784 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5342Kosheverova, Nadezhda and Mikhail Shapiro Cinderella194784 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10004Kott, Aleksandr I'll Show You Moscow...200988 minPALFeatureRussia
V-5415Kott, Aleksandr Scarecrow200015 minFeatureRussia
V-4917Kott, Aleksandr The Photographer199710 minFeatureRussia
V-6958Kott, Aleksandr Two Chauffeurs Were Driving2001no subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7726Kott, Vladimir Mukha2008107 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-7615Kott, Vladimir Mukha2008107 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9499Kott, Vladimir The Door200420 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4989Kovalov, Oleg Concert for a Rat1995107 minFeatureRussia
V-4826Kovalov, Oleg Island of the Dead199286 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5243Kovalov, Oleg Scorpion's Gardens1995102 minPALFeatureRussia
V-4819Kovalov, Oleg Scorpion's Gardens1995102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5270Kovalov, Oleg [Eisenstein, Sergei] Sergei Eisenstein. Autobiography199686 minFeatureRussia
DVD-0636Kovalov, Oleg [Eisenstein, Sergei] Sergei Eisenstein. Autobiography199686 minFeatureRussia
V-4509Kovalov, Oleg [Eisenstein, Sergei] Sergei Eisenstein. Autobiography1996no subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0611Kovalov, Oleg [Eisenstein, Sergei] Sergei Eisenstein. Mexican Fantasy1998100 minFeatureRussia
V-8889Kozakov, Mikhail A Visit By a Lady1989144 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0949 & 3589Kozakov, Mikhail Pokrovskyi Gates1982140 minFeatureRussia
V-7136Kozakov, Mikhail Pokrovskyi Gates1982140 minFeatureRussia
V-3165Kozakov, Mikhail Pokrovskyi Gates1982140 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3939Kozakov, Mikhail The Unnamed Star1979128 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7812Kozakov, Mikhail The Unnamed Star1979128 minFeatureRussia
V-4682Kozakov, Mikhail The Unnamed Star1979128 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9179Kozakova, Natasha The Road200278 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4832Kozhevnikov, Sergei and Aleksandr Levin[Lioznova, Tat'iana] Seventeen Moments of Spring - 25 Years Later1998105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-12055Kozintsev, Grigorii Don Quixote1957102 minFeatureRussia
V-2328Kozintsev, Grigorii Don Quixote1957102 minFeatureRussia
DVD-12002Kozintsev, Grigorii Hamlet1964140 minFeatureRussia
V-2935Kozintsev, Grigorii Hamlet1964140 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1931Kozintsev, Grigorii King Lear1971135 minFeatureRussia
V-0750Kozintsev, Grigorii King Lear1971135 minFeatureRussia
V-7110Kozintsev, Grigorii Once at Night [Room, Abram, et al. - Our Girls]Kazakhstan, USSR 194222 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4779Kozintsev, Grigorii Pirogov194792 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6211Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg Alone193180 minno English intertitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-8819Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg New Babylon192970 minPALFeatureRussia
V-3350Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg New Babylon192970 minFeatureRussia
V-3351Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg SVD--The Club of the Big Deed192785 minFrench voice-over/ German titlesFeatureRussia
V-4818Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg The Devil's Wheel1926no subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5153Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg The Overcoat192666 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4746Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg The Overcoat192666 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3847Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg The Return of Maksim1937; rest. 1965105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3837Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg The Vyborg Side1938; rest. 1968121 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3861Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg The Youth of Maksim1934; rest. 196598 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9548Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg Youthful FritzTsOKS, 1943no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4821Kozintsev, Grigorii and Leonid Trauberg Youthful FritzTsOKS, 1943no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5369-70Krasnopol'skii, Vladimir and Valerii Uskov ErmakRussia and Germany, 1989-96no subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4835-44Krasnopol'skii, Vladimir and Valerii Uskov Eternal Call1974-7719 episodes; 22:21 hrsno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6274Krasnopol'skii, Vladimir and Valerii Uskov Participation in Murder1985102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5329-32Krasnopol'skii, Vladimir and Valerii Uskov Shadows Disappear at Noon1974298 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5333Krasnopol'skii, Vladimir and Valerii Uskov Without Jurisdiction196987 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7695Kravchuk, Andrei Admiral2008124 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9297Kravchuk, Andrei The Italian200592 minFeatureRussia
V-7411Kravchuk, Andrei and Iurii Feting A Christmas Mystery2000105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7255Kremnev, Valerii Confrontation198690 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2087Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Adam's Rib199177 minFeatureRussia
V-6467Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Before the Exam197763 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-451Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Big Volodia and Little VolodiaUkraine, USSR 198555 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4038Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Friend of the Deceased Ukraine and France, 1997100 minFeatureRussia
V-3708Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Friend of the Deceased Ukraine and France, 199790 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-1533Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Lonely Woman Seeks Life CompanionUkraine, USSR 1986100 minFeatureRussia
V-6264Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Self-Portrait By an UnknownUkraine, USSR 198874 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3677Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Two Hussars1986minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9683Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Two Hussars1983127 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7176Krishtofovich, Viacheslav Woman in the Sea199268 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4617Kromanov, Grigorii Diamonds for the Dictatorship of the ProletariatEstonia, USSR 1975151 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7420Kromanov, Grigorii Hotel "Dead Mountain Climber"Estonia, USSR 197984 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8329Kromanov, Grigorii The Final RelicEstonia, USSR 196989 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0352 & 6495Kropachev, Georgii and Konstantin Ershov Vii196778 minFeatureRussia
V-4561Kropachev, Georgii and Konstantin Ershov Vii196778 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8650Krymov, Aleksandr [Aleksandr Polynnikov] Cranberries in Sugar199578 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4536Kubaev, Rauf White Dance1999100 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7694Kubaev, Rauf, Eduard Topol', and Munid Zakirov On the Edge I Stand200878 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-4137Kudinenko, Andrei Occupation. MysteriumBelarus, 200390minPALFeatureRussia
V-8952Kudinenko, Andrei Occupation. MysteriumBelarus, 200390minRussian subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6909Kudinenko, Andrei The Practical Joke200884 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9342Kudriavtseva, Antonina Lenochka and the Grapes193648 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9345Kudriavtseva, Antonina Wake Lenochka193427 minno intertitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7650Kulbai, Abai StrizhKazakhstan, 200780 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
D-0577 & 10160Kuleshov, Lev By the Law192680 minFeatureRussia
DVD-7618Kuleshov, Lev By the Law192680 minFeatureRussia
V-3911Kuleshov, Lev By the Law192673 minFeatureRussia
V-3614Kuleshov, Lev By the Law192680 minFeatureRussia
DVD-8856Kuleshov, Lev Death Ray1925105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-4986Kuleshov, Lev Engineer Prait's Project191816 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10298Kuleshov, Lev Engineer Prite's Project191830 minHYPERKINO: PALFeatureRussia
DVD-10159Kuleshov, Lev The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr, West in the Land of the Bolsheviks192478 minFeatureRussia
V-1115Kuleshov, Lev The Extraordinary Adventures of Mr. West in the Land of the Bolsheviks192478 minFeatureRussia
DVD-19181Kuleshov, Lev The Great Consoler193391 minHYPERKINO: PALFeatureRussia
V-4997Kuleshov, Lev The Great Consoler193395 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9508Kuleshov, Lev The Siberians194082 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9343Kuleshov, Lev The Siberians194082 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-2474Kulidzhanov, Lev Crime and Punishment1970102 and 95 minFeatureRussia
V-1656-7Kulidzhanov, Lev Crime and Punishment1970102 and 95 minFeatureRussia
V-5860Kulidzhanov, Lev Forget-Me-Nots1994101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5581Kulidzhanov, Lev It's Not Scary to Die1991102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5554Kulidzhanov, Lev The Paternal Home1959100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4781Kulidzhanov, Lev When the Trees Were Large196297 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2936Kulidzhanov, Lev and Iakov Segel' The House I Live In1957100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7694Kuliev, El'dar What a Wonderful WorldAzerbaidjan, 199897 minRussian dubFeatureRussia
V-5362Kulish, Savva Committee of 191972162 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3111Kulish, Savva Dead Season1968138 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5520-1Kulish, Savva Iron Curtain1994241 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3447Kulish, Savva Tales... Tales... Tales of the Old Arbat1982108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4490-1Kulish, Savva Tragedy in the Style of Rock 1988167 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7452Kun, Iulii Bicycle TamersEstonia, USSR 196470 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6410Kurikhin, Nikita and Teodor Vul'fovich The Final InchUSSR and France, 195889 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0633Kurosawa, Akira Dersu uzalaUSSR and Japan, 1975137 minFeatureRussia
V-1532Kurosawa, Akira Dersu uzalaUSSR and Japan, 1975137 minFeatureRussia
DVD-1800Kurosawa, Akira[Gor'kii, Maksim] The Lower DepthsJapan, 1957125 minFeatureRussia
V-5611Kurykin, Valerii Blackmailer198792 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7088Kushnerov, Iurii My Favorite Clown198686 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1662Kuzin, Iurii The Ark200287 minFeatureRussia
V-4875Kuzin, Iurii The Lefthander199919 minFeatureRussia
V-4918Kuzin, Iurii The Lefthander199919 minRussian subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5885Kuzin, Kirill The Best Film2008106 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7066Kuznetsov, Georgii Forgive--Farewell197975 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8209Kuznetsov, Georgii The Life of Aleksandr Nevskii199184 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9499Kuznetsov, Vitalii Blessed is He Who Believes200317 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7878Kvashnev, Boris American BoyUkraine, 1992117 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1561Kvinikhidze, Leonid Goodbye Mary Poppins!1983141 minFeatureRussia
V-7022Kvinikhidze, Leonid Goodbye Mary Poppins!1983141 minFeatureRussia
V-7023Kvinikhidze, Leonid Heavenly Swallows1976135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0941Kvinikhidze, Leonid Straw Hat1974125 minFeatureRussia
V-7197Kvinikhidze, Leonid Straw Hat1974125 minFeatureRussia
V-3163Kvinikhidze, Leonid Straw Hat1974125 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7414Kvinikhidze, Leonid The Artiste from Gribov1988141 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7021Kvinikhidze, Leonid The Friend198783 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3955Kvinikhidze, Leonid The Thirty First of June1978142 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7094Kvinikhidze, Leonid The Thirty First of June1978142 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6426Kvinikhidze, Leonid White Nights199292 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4601Kvirikadze, Irakli Comrade Stalin's Journey to AfricaGeorgia, USSR and RSFSR 199180 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4603Kvirikadze, Irakli The JugGeorgia, USSR 197128 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4504Kvirikadze, Irakli The SwimmerGeorgia, USSR 198173 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10021Kvirikadze, Iraklii Nikitskie Vorota [Konchalovskii, Egor - et al - Moscow, I Love You!20105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10551Kevorkov, Stepan & Melik-Avakian, GrigoriiThe Last Feat of Kamo1974, Armenian SSR101 minNo subtitles PALFeatureRussia
DVD-10508Keosaian, EdmondMen1972, Armenian SSR67 minNo subtitles PALFeatureRussia
DVD-10526Kevorkov, Stepan & Karamian, ErazmPersonally Known1958101 minNo subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10517Kesiants, DmitriiThe Soldier and the Elephant197877 minNo subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10525Kevorkov, Stepan & Karamian, ErazmSpecial Assignment1965, Armenian SSR102 minNo subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10516Keosaian, EdmondStar of Hope1978, Armenian SSR150 minNo subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10679Khamdamov, RustamDiamonds. Stealing.201126 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10739Kavaleridze, IvanPrometheus1936, Ukrainian SSR83 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10740Korabel\'nikov, DmitriiA Trap201314 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10724Koruchenkov, AleksandrNo One Dies in the Mornings201515 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10858Kott, VladimirGromozeka2011100 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
BD-174Kott, VladimirGromozeka2011100 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10734Kozhakina, EkaterinaFlying Away Monakhov201430 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10736Kalatozov, MikhailA Nail in a Boot1932, Georgian SSR53 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
BD-177Kirill SerebrennikovThe Student2016118 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10671Kott, AleksandrTest201496 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16053Khomeriki, NikolaiThe Icebreaker2016120 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16054Kryzhovnikov, ZhoraThe Best Day Ever2015103 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10858Kott, VladimirGromozeka2011100 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10685Kiselev, Dmitrii & Baranov, Aleksandr & Kott, AleksandrSix Degrees of Celebration 2: Getting to Know Each Other2011106 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10682Kryzhovnokov, Zhora AKA Pershin, AndreiKiss Them All2013100 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16158Khlebnikov, BorisArrhythmia2017116 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10964Konchalovskii, AndreiThe Postman\'s White Nights201490 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10983Khlebnikov, BorisA Long, Happy Life201276 minEnglish SubtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16289Kirakosian, GorLost & Found in Armenia2013, Armenia102 minNo English SubtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16308Kavaleridze, Ivan & Tarich, YuriiPrometheus/ True Forest1936, Ukrainian SSR178 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16316Krasovskii, AlekseiThe Collector201675 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16321Karas, OksanaThe Good Kid201695 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKhlebnikov, BorisTill Night Do Us Part201260 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16212Khudiakov, PavelOdnoklassniki.ru2013100 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16323Kutsenko, GoshaDoctor2015106 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16321Karas, OksanaThe Good Kid201695 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKaras, OksanaRehearsals201390 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKarabanova, KseniiaVacuum201228 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKavun, AndreiChildren Under 16201090 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10757Karimov, RomanInadequate People2010101 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10758Kostomarov, Pavel & Rastorguev, AleksandrI Love You2010120 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16049Kondrat\'ev, DmitriiLightly at Heart201479 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVDKavtaradze, ArchilDisorder2013, Georgia87 minEnglish subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10671Kott, AleksandrThe Test201493 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16070Konst, AndreiLady of Csejte2015103 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16078Kozlov, KirillFortune Island201380 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16078Kozlov, KirillFortune Island201380 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-10008Khutsiev, MarlenI am 20 Years Old1965164 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKagramanov, Igor\'Inside the Box201610 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKeshishev, SergeiKey201614 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKorolev, AleksandrForgotten201626 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKaras, OksanaHow Big201615 minsEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKrutenkov, AleksandrThe Ankle201714 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKamynin, AlekseiThat\'s Not Me201530 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVDKrasner, EkaterinaThe Changeling201625 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16069Kott, Aleksandr Test201593 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia