The table below contains all feature films in the collection from Russia by directors with last names starting with N. Results can be narrowed by search. Some common searches include film type, director and title.

Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
V-7064Nakhabtsev, Vladimir Raindrops199093 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6891Nakhapetov, Rodion An Umbrella for the Newly Weds198689 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7044Nakhapetov, Rodion At the End of NightUSSR and GDR, 1987139 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7604Nakhapetov, Rodion Don't Shoot White Swans1980136 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6616Narliev, Khodzhakuli Dzhamal's TreeTurkmenistan, USSR 198088 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5545Narliev, Khodzhakuli The Daughter-in-LawTurkmenistan, USSR 197279 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5530Narliev, Khodzhakuli The Daughter-in-LawTurkmenistan, USSR 197279 minPALFeatureRussia
V-6613Narliev, Khodzhakuli The Daughter-in-LawTurkmenistan, USSR 197279 minFeatureRussia
V-4751Narliev, Khodzhakuli The Daughter-in-LawTurkmenistan, USSR 197279 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5547Narliev, Khodzhakuli The MankurtTurkmenistan, USSR, Turkey, Libya, 199086 minFeatureRussia
V-6610Narliev, Khodzhakuli The MankurtTurkmenistan, USSR, Turkey, Libya, 199086 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6608Narliev, Khodzhakuli When a Woman Saddles a HorseTurkmenistan, USSR, 197589 minRussian dubFeatureRussia
V-7154Naroditskii, Arkadii and Nikolai Rasheev BumbarashUkraine, USSR 1971135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-0022Narutskaia, Ol'ga The Husband and Daughter of Tamara Aleksandrovna1988108 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7954Narymbetov, Satybaldy Biography of a Young Accordion PlayerKazakhstan, 199490 minFeatureRussia
DVD-3639Narymbetov, Satybaldy Leila's PrayerKazakhstan, 2002149 minFeatureRussia
V-7935Narymbetov, Satybaldy Leila's PrayerKazakhstan, 2002149 minFeatureRussia
V-7957Narymbetov, Satybaldy OmpaKazakhstan, 199887 minFeatureRussia
DVD-3640Narymbetov, Satybaldy and Amanzhol Aituarov Steppe ExpressKazakhstan, 200590 minRussian dibFeatureRussia
DVD-5905Nasyrov, Gaziz and Talgat Asyrankulov The Birds of ParadiseKyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, 200676 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6263Natanson, Georgii Aelita, Leave the Men Alone!198889 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6367Natanson, Georgii Ambassador of the Soviet Union196992 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4470Natanson, Georgii Everything is Left for the People1963100 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3957Natanson, Georgii Once More About Love196892 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4768Natanson, Georgii Once More About Love196892 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5591Natanson, Georgii The Elder Sister1966102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7626Natanson, Georgii Valentin and Valenntina198493 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6236Natanson, Georgii Valentin and Valentina198593 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4778Natanson, Georgii and Anatolii Efros A Noisy Day1961101 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10021Natanson, Georgii, Jr/ Letter to Granny Uyna [Konchalovskii, Egor - et al - Moscow, I Love You!20105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7415Naumov, Vladimir Nardo's Secret, or Dream of the White Dog1999120 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3729Naumov, Vladimir Ten Years Without CorrespondenceUSSR and West Germany, 1990103 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6268Naumov, Vladimir The ChoiceUSSR and US, 1987143 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6052Naumov, Vladimir The Law1989138 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3845Naumov, Vladimir White Holiday1994102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3834Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov A Nasty Anecdote 196697 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-4130Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov Flight1970197 minFeatureRussia
V-3139-40Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov Flight1970197 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-2945Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov Pavel KorchaginUkraine, USSR 1956102 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6913Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov Peace to Him Who Enters196189 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5584Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov Teheran--43USSR, Switzerland, France 1980182 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5560-2Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov The Legend of Til1976156 + 157 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3132Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov The ShoreUSSR and West Germany, 1984141 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4517Naumov, Vladimir and Aleksandr Alov Troublesome YouthUkraine, USSR 195599 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5823Navrotskii, Sigizmund and Boris Dmokhovskii Zigmund KolosovskiiUkraine, USSR 194588 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7864Nebieridze, Boris The Shah's Diamonds1992114 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0590Nechaev, Leonid Buratino's AdventuresBelorussia, USSR 1975134 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-0592Nechaev, Leonid Little Red Riding HoodBelorussia, USSR 1977135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3951Nechaev, Leonid Peter PanBelorussia, USSR 1987135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-8877Nechaev, Leonid Peter PanBelorussia, USSR 1987135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3921Nechaev, Leonid Sold LaughterBelorussia, USSR 19812 episodes; 65 and 75 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1673Nechaev, Leonid The Cricket in the Hearth2001107 minFeatureRussia
V-5500Negreba, Aleksandr and Oleg Boretskii A Day Until...1991119 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-6995Neiman, Eva At the RiverUkraine, 200784 minPALFeatureRussia
DVD-4190Neimand, Denis Junk2006110 minFeatureRussia
DVD-5209Neimand, Denis Junk2006110 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-6387Nekrasov, Andrei Liubov and Other NightmaresRussia and Germany, 200197 minFeatureRussia
V-6216Nekrasov, Andrei Liubov and Other NightmaresRussia and Germany, 200197 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-9684Nenova, Nelli and Geno Tsulaia The ButterflyGeorgia, USSR 197711 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-3898Nevzorov, Aleksandr Purgatory1998115 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-4084Nevzorov, Aleksandr Purgatory1998115 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-5864-6Nikiforov, Viacheslav Fathers and ChildrenBelorussia, USSR 19833 episodes; 210 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6180Nikiforov, Viacheslav My Soul, MariiaBelarus, 199373 minFeatureRussia
DVD-2799-2800Nikiforov, Viacheslav On an Unnamed Height20044 episodes; 196 minFeatureRussia
V-7042Nikitin, Mikhail A Boquet of Mimosas and Other Flowers1984105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7049Nikolaenko, Georgii Dossier on the Man in the Mercedes1986135 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7041Nikolaenko, Georgii It Was the Fourth Year of the War198385 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7050Nikolaev, Igor' The Attack198689 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7031Nikolaev, Igor' The General1992104 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-5883Nikolaev, Valerii Beat Hunt2007115 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-9561Nikolaeva, Elena Pops2004111 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7871Nikolaeva, Elena The Aborigine1988132 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7693Nikolaeva, Elena Vanechka2007103 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7811Nikolaevskii, Oleg The Soloist198882 minFeatureRussia
V-7463Nikolaevskii, Oleg Trembita196892 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-1929Nikonenko, Sergei Early in the Morning they Awoke200390 minFeatureRussia
V-6190Nikonenko, Sergei I Want Your HusbandUkraine, 1991FeatureRussia
DVD-7704Nikonenko, Sergei Nuts!198884 minPALFeatureRussia
V-7040Nikonenko, Sergei Nuts!198888 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-9179Nikonova, Angelina Twilight Portrait2011105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-7863Novak, Vilen Gu-GaUkraine, USSR 1989133 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-3580Novak, Villen Princess on a Hill of BeansRussia and Ukraine, 1997105 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-7098Novak, Villen Uncontrolled LoveUkraine, 1993122 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-7842Nugmanov, Rashid The NeedleKazakhstan, USSR 198881 minno subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
V-6509Nugmanov, Rashid The NeedleKazakhstan, USSR 198881 minFeatureRussia
V-3480Nugmanov, Rashid The NeedleKazakhstan, USSR 198881 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6510Nugmanov, Rashid The Wild EastKazakhstan, 199395 minFeatureRussia
V-3491Nugmanov, Rashid The Wild EastKazakhstan, 199395 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
V-6924Nurmukhambetov, Erlan To Paris!Kazakhstan, 20018 minno subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10670Nikonova, AngelinaTwilight Portrait2011105 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-10804Nuganen, Elmo19442015100 minNo English subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16324Nechaeva, AnastasiaHow I bought happiness201620 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia
DVD-16274Novikova, RaddaEntrepreneur200890 minNo English subtitlesPALFeatureRussia
DVD-16323Novikov, AndreiDoctor2016100 minEnglish subtitlesFeatureRussia