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Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
DVD-9159Ladislav Kudelka Newsreel 38-9 1953195312 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9162Rábel, MichalNewsreel 51, 1958195812 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9155Raiman, RichardNewsreel 9-11, 1955195515 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9161Ondrkal, StefanNewsreel 52-12, 1956195618 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9157Orth, StefanNewsreel 28, 1959195913 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-1956Adasek, Vladimir Hannah and Her Brothers200178 minFeatureSlovakia
V-6402Adasek, Vladimir Hannah and Her Brothers200178 minFeatureSlovakia
V-6404Balco, Vlado Rivers of Babylon1998102 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9162Bán, Frigyes and Vladislav Pavlovic Peter's Umbrella195896 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6250Barabas, Pavol Help Comes from Heaven6 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6250Barabas, Pavol Mountain Skiing in the Tatras9 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6250Barabas, Pavol The Tatras: A Mystery200311 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8704Barabas, Stanislav The Bells for the Barefooted196596 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6579Barabas, Stanislav The Song of the Gray Pigeon196199 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8700Barko, Vladimir Soul at Peace200989 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9157Bielik, Pal'o Captain Dabac195999 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7996Bielik, Pal'o Captain Dabac195999 minNO SUBTITLESPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7654Bielik, Pal'o Dam195097 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9153Bielik, Pal'o Forty-Four Mutineers1958105 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-1915Bielik, Pal'o Jánosik I196380 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-1915Bielik, Pal'o Jánosik II196390 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8705Bielik, Pal'o Master Executioner1966105 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9160Bielik, Pal'o Wolves' Lairs1948122 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6569Bielik, Pal'o Wolves' Lairs1948122 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7649Bielik, Pal'o Wolves' Lairs1948104 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8711Bucanová, Dagmar A Ballad in Lace19818 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8930Chlumsky, Jiri A Broken Promise2009129 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7998Csudai, Viktor Big Respect200980 minNO SUBTITLESPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7998Csudai, Viktor Pink Panther200624 minNO SUBTITLESPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero Batromij's House198413 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero Diadem197822 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero From Here -- To There199222 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero How Mr. Král'ovic Became King197620 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero I've Crossed the Big Wide World198217 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero The Swan's Journey197417 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero There and Back198021 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6266Fenic, Fero Train to Maturity198917 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8710Ferko, Rudolf What Next... Probe No. 1, 1990199017 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-7997Fíla, Ivan LeaSlovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany 199696 minNO SUBTITLESPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6570Fischer, Vlado Half-Life of Decay2007102 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9156Fric, Martin Beware...!194695 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7653Fric, Martin Beware...!194685 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5367Fric, Martin Janosik193576 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-9145Fric, Martin Janosik193576 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6585Grecner, Eduard Dragon's Return196881 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7651Grecner, Eduard Earthly Restlessness199374 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7994Grodecki, Wiktor Not Angels but Angels199481 minFeatureSlovakia
V-7640Halama, Laco The Camp of Fallen Women199799 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6578Hanák, Dusan322196994 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
V-7646Hanák, Dusan322196994 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6573Hanák, Dusan [Hanák, Dusan] Video Interview19955 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
V-6405Hanák, Dusan A Day of Happiness21 minDocumentarySlovakia
V-6405Hanák, Dusan Circus Performers196513 minDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-5498Hanák, Dusan I Love You, You Love1980; released 198996 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3922Hanák, Dusan I Love You, You Love198096 minFeatureSlovakia
V-6405Hanák, Dusan Learning196514 minDocumentarySlovakia
V-6405Hanák, Dusan Mass196712 minDocumentarySlovakia
V-6405Hanák, Dusan Old Shatterhand's Visit196615 minDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6573Hanák, Dusan Paper Heads199596 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
V-5803Hanák, Dusan Paper Heads199596 minDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-1916Hanák, Dusan Pictures of the Old World 197264 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
V-3925Hanák, Dusan Pictures of the Old World 197264 minDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6585Hanák, Dusan Rosy Dreams197680 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3926Hanák, Dusan Rosy Dreams197688 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6264Hanák, Dusan Six Questions for Jan Werich196315 minno subtitlesPALDocumentarySlovakia
V-6405Hanák, Dusan To Leave an Imprint197014 minDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8719Hanzlicek, Martin Short Long JourneyCzech Republic, 200983 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-5364Havetta, Elo 34 Days of Absolute Serenity196517 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5364Havetta, Elo Forecast Zero196648 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5364Havetta, Elo Lilies of the Field197296 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3924Havetta, Elo Lilies of the Field197296 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5364Havetta, Elo Saint Joan19637 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5365Havetta, Elo The Gala in the Botanical Garden196983 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8711Havettová, Jaroslava Contacts198011 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Havettová, Jaroslava Song19694 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Herold, Vlastimil A Little Mouse Cooked Farina19748 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Herold, Vlastimil The Magician and the Flower198613 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-6198Herz, Juraj Sweet Troubles198484 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8898Holland, Agnieska and Kasia Adamik Jánosik: The True StorySlovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland 2009137 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7993Holland, Agnieska and Kasia Adamik Jánosik: The True StorySlovakia, Czech Republic, and Poland 2009137 minNO SUBTITLESPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6580Hollý, Martin Copper Tower197082 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6596Hollý, Martin Eagle Feather197286 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7645Hollý, Martin Fever197581 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6195Hollý, Martin Night Riders198187 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6566Hollý, Martin Signum Laudis198085 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3929Hollý, Martin Signum Laudis198085 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7887Hust'ava, Ivan, Vlado Kubenko, Oto Krivánek, Jaroslav Pogran The Time We Live196860 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9171Jakubisko, Juraj A Thousand-Year Old Bee1983162 minFeatureSlovakia
V-3919Jakubisko, Juraj A Thousand-Year Old Bee1983162 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6249Jakubisko, Juraj An Almost Rosy Story199093 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8779Jakubisko, Juraj BathorySlovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary 2008135 minENG Dialog/German subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7995Jakubisko, Juraj BathorySlovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary 2008135 minNO SUBTITLESPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5487Jakubisko, Juraj Birds, Orphans and Fools196980 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3920Jakubisko, Juraj Birds, Orphans and Fools196980 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6589Jakubisko, Juraj Build a House, Plant a Tree198088 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-1914Jakubisko, Juraj I am Sitting on a Branch and I'm Fine 1989121 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3921Jakubisko, Juraj I am Sitting on a Branch and I'm Fine 1989121 minFeatureSlovakia
V-6094-5Jakubisko, Juraj Infidelity, Slovak Style1981tv, 2 episodes; 143 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5487Jakubisko, Juraj It's Better to Be Rich and Healthy Than Poor and IllSlovakia and Czech Republic, 1993100 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3927Jakubisko, Juraj See You in Hell, Friends1970/199074 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8834Jakubisko, Juraj The Feather Fairy198489 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-9414Jakubisko, Juraj The Feather Fairy198489 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6588Jakubisko, Juraj The Prime of Life196793 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5365Juraj Johanides and Marko Skop [Havetta, Elo] The Gala of a Lonely Palm TreeSlovakia, 200540 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-5365Juraj Johanides and Marko Skop[Havetta, Elo] The Gala of a Lonely Palm TreeSlovakia, 200540 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8711Jurisic, Frantisek Cock-a-doodle-doo19857 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Jurisic, Frantisek The Wise Little Pig198210 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
V-3198Kadár, Ján Adrift1969108 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9154Kadár, Ján Cathy194999 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8935Kadár, Ján and Elmar Klos Death is Called Engelchen1963133 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-5801Kadár, Ján and Elmar Klos Death is Called Engelchen1963133 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-2857Kadár, Ján and Elmar Klos The Shop on Main Street1966128 minFeatureSlovakia
V-0682Kadár, Ján and Elmar Klos The Shop on Main Street1966128 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6587Krivánek, Oto Our Daily Day196988 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9155Krska, Karol and Jozef Medved' The Quadrille195593 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5369Kubal, Viktor Bloody Lady198072 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Kubal, Viktor Dita at the Front19699 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Kubal, Viktor Earth19667 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Kubal, Viktor Johnny the Pea and the Germs19747 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-1912Kubal, Viktor Jurko the Highwayman197677 minsilent; Slovak folk songsPALAnimatedSlovakia
V-3923Kubal, Viktor Jurko the Highwayman197677 minsilent; Slovak folk songsAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Kubal, Viktor Two Good Friends19727 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
V-7650Kubásek, Václav Young Hearts195296 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7887Kubenko, Vlado, Peter Mihálik, Dusan Trancik The Wake196924 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-7887Kudelka, Ladislav, Milan Cernák, Stefan Kamenický, Ctibor Kovác Black Days196830 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8701Lacko, Jan Soccer Fans196077 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9158Lacko, Ján Luck Will Come on Sunday195894 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8718Lehotský, Juraj Blind Loves200874 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6576Lettrich, Andrej Red Wine 11972, TV; 197672 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6576Lettrich, Andrej Red Wine 21972, TV; 197671 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5495Luther, Miloslav A Path across the Danube198989 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-6399Luther, Miloslav Angel of Mercy199395 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-4987Luther, Miroslav Escape to Budapest2002110 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8931Luther, Miroslav Tango with Mosquitoes200996 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9159Mach, Josef Native Land1954102 minFeatureSlovakia
V-7647Mach, Josef Native Land1954102 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8711Malik, Vladimir Baby in the BankCzechoslovakia and Bulgaria, 19886 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-9155Medved', Jozef and Karol Krska The Quadrille195593 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6211Mucha, Stanislaw [Warhol, Andy] Absolut WarholaGermany, 200180 minDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-5492Nellis, Alice Some Secrets2002100 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7642Nellis, Alice Some Secrets2002100 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9166Nikolaev, Petr LidiceSlovakia and Czech Republic, 2011121 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6571Nvota, Juraj Cruel Joys2002104 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7643Nvota, Juraj Cruel Joys200298 minno subtitlesFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6265Nvota, Juraj Humankindness200448 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7987Nvota, Juraj Music200899 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6194Párnický, Stanislav Southern Mail198795 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5490Pavlátová, Michaela Faithless GamesSlovakia and Czech Republic, 200392 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9162Pavlovic, Vladislav and Frigyes Bán Peter's Umbrella1996minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8703Plichta, Dimitrij Sheriff Behind Bars196594 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7652Plicka, Karol The Earth Sings1933; music soundtrack 198363 minno subtitlesDocumentarySlovakia
V-7644Plicka, Karol Tracing Slovaks from New York to the Mississippi193779 minno subtitlesDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8711Popovic, Ivan Guardian Dream19798 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-5494Rapos, Dusan Fountain for Suzanne198680 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-4984Rapos, Dusan Fountain for Suzanne 21993112 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-4985Rapos, Dusan Fountain for Suzanne 31999102 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7648Rapos, Dusan Let's Run, He's Coming198681 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-4986Rapos, Dusan Rabaka198982 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9743Remo, Miro Arsy-Versy200923 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8710Ruppeldt, Ilja Flight Report 89-90199063 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-5496Ruttkay, Michal, Vladimir Stric, and Kvetoslav Hecko Only a Day198885 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6572Sanishvili, Nikoloz Interrupted SongCzechoslovakia and georgia, USSR 196098 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-1915Siakel', Jaroslav Jerry Jánosik192168 minEnglish intertitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9170Siváková, Laura Heaven, Hell... EarthSlovakia and Czech Republic, 200994 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-7641Sivákováa, Laura Quartétto200290 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6041Skop, Marek Other Worlds200674 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-7876Skop, Marek The Journey of Magdal+¬na Robinson200839 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8932Skop, Marko Osadne200962 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8711Slaviková-Rabarová, Helena Colorings-Singings: Spring19837 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin A Ballad in Wood196613minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin Bulgarian Lamentation Songs196826 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin Icons196614 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin Keeping Distance19687 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin Martin Jon+ís;197317 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin National Artist, Prof. Karol Plicka197026 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin The Man Leaves196826 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin Water and Labor196310 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9168Slivka, Martin and Mikulás Ricotti The Last Supper196826 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8711Slivka, Ondrej Umbrella19844 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-6575Solan, Peter And I'll Run to the Ends of the Earth198071 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8702Solan, Peter Before this Night is Over196585 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6583Solan, Peter The Boxer and Death1963102 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-9093Solan, Peter The Boxer and Death1962107 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9162Solan, Peter and Frantisek Zácek The Devil Never Sleeps195795 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8831Solcanska, Mariana Cengel Legend of the Flying CyprianSlovakia and Poland, 2010104 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9158Stefan OrthNewsreel 12-14, 1958 195812 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9153Stefan OrthNewsreel 17-13, 1957195719 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8710Stefankovicová, Eva All Together -- The Slovak Way199059 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6265Stepka, Juraj Jááánosííík200445 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6265Stepka, Juraj Luncheon on the Grass20049 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7986Sulik, Martin About a PriestSlovakia and Czech Republic, 20008 minNO SUBTITLESPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-7986Sulik, Martin About an AirportSlovakia and Czech Republic, 20008 minNO SUBTITLESPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-7986Sulik, Martin About DogsSlovakia and Czech Republic, 20002 minNO SUBTITLESPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-4988Sulik, Martin Everything I Like199298 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7986Sulik, Martin LandscapeSlovakia and Czech Republic, 2000113 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9163Sulík, Martin GypsySlovakia and Czech Republic, 2011103 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-6401Sulík, Martin LandscapeSlovakia and Czech Republic, 2000112 minFeatureSlovakia
V-6400Sulík, Martin Orbis Pictus1997103 minFeatureSlovakia
V-6398Sulík, Martin Tenderness1991104 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5366Sulík, Martin The City of the Sun200595 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6567Sulík, Martin The Garden199599 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-6403Sulík, Martin The Garden199595 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-4175Svankmajer, Jan Down to the Cellar198315 minAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-8711Svankmajer, Jan Down to the Cellar198315 minPALAnimatedSlovakia
DVD-6245Tapák, Martin and Karol L. Zachar The Year in a Village I: Spring-Summer196851 minno subtitlesPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-1913Tapák, Martin Pacho, the Highwayman of Hybe197591 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6568Tapák, Martin The Day that Will Not Die197488 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8707Tapák, Martin The Living Scourge196684 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-5497Trancik, Dusan Another Love198572 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6577Trancik, Dusan The Winner197977 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6248Trojan, Ondrej Zelary2003150 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6574Uher, Stefan If I Had a Gun197186 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6196Uher, Stefan She Grazed Horses on Concrete198278 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3928Uher, Stefan She Grazed Horses on Concrete198278 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8706Uher, Stefan The Miraculous Virgin196893 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6584Uher, Stefan The Organ196592 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3930Uher, Stefan The Sixth Sentence198691 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6582Uher, Stefan The Sun in a Net196290 minPALFeatureSlovakia
V-3931Uher, Stefan The Sun in a Net1962100 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-8708Uher, Stefan Three Daughters196886 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7999Vaclav, Petr Marian1996104 minFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7985Vejdelek, Jiri ROMingSlovakia, Czech Republic, and Romania 2007108 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9167Vojtek, Jaro Aquarium299115 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9167Vojtek, Jaro Border200973 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9167Vojtek, Jaro Here We Are200576 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-5353Vorlicek, Vaclav Thomas and the Falcon King200097 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9161Zácek, Frantisek and Peter Solan The Devil Never Sleeps195795 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-9709Zachar, Jozef Contract with the Devil197089 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6244Zachar, Karol L. Painted on Glass1980105 minno subtitlesPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-6197Záhon, Zoro The Assistant198191 minPALFeatureSlovakia
DVD-7989Zika, Adolf Jan Saudek -- In the Hell of His Passions, Heaven Not in Sight200796 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
V-9415Unknown[Quelled 1944 Uprising]; newsreel 742, 23 November 1944; Through Enemy Eyes, vol. 78Germany, 1944DocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6582UnknownCzechoslovak Newsreel No. 7 B 196419648 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6583UnknownCzechoslovak Newsreel No. 8 196319639 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9156UnknownNewsreel 18-3, 194719479 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 19 1979197910 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 2 197019709 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8705UnknownNewsreel 21 1967196710 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8703UnknownNewsreel 22 1965196510 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 23 197019708 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8706UnknownNewsreel 29 1966196611 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6584UnknownNewsreel 31 197919798 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 34 197319738 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 35 197819789 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8704UnknownNewsreel 36 1965196512 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 38 197419749 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6584UnknownNewsreel 4 196519659 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8707UnknownNewsreel 41 1965196510 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6588UnknownNewsreel 41 196619669 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 42 197519759 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9160UnknownNewsreel 47-4, 194819489 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8709UnknownNewsreel 49 196619669 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 49 1971197110 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-9154UnknownNewsreel 49, 1949194913 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8701UnknownNewsreel 51 1960196010 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8708UnknownNewsreel 51 1966196610 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-6590UnknownNewsreel 51 197719778 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
DVD-8702UnknownNewsreel 8 1966196610 minPALDocumentarySlovakia
V-2830-2UnknownHistory of SlovakiaDocumentarySlovakia