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Format Director Title Year Length Subtitles PAL Type Country
V-1789Acin, Jovan Hey Babu Riba1987109 minFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-12034Balteic, Branko Balkan Express1983102 minPALFeatureYugoslavia
V-9090Bulajic, Velko The Day That Shook the World1975111 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-11184Djukovic, Milo Paja i Jare1973108 minno subtitlesPALFeatureYugoslavia
V-9079Grlic, Rajko Charuga1991108 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-9063Grlic, Rajko In the Jaws of Life198495 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-4451Kusturica, Emir Arizona Dream1993FeatureYugoslavia
V-2007Kusturica, Emir Do You Remember Dolly Bell?1981106 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-1768Kusturica, Emir Time of the Gypsies1990136 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-1758Kusturica, Emir When Father Was Away on Business1985144 minFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-2591Makavejev, Dusan The Coca-Cola KidAustralia, 198594 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-5028Makavejev, Dusan Gorilla Bathes at Noon199281 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-2317Makavejev, Dusan Innocence Unprotected196880 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-0655Makavejev, Dusan Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator196770 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-1715Makavejev, Dusan Man Is Not A Bird196680 minFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-2577Makavejev, Dusan MontenegroSweden and UK, 198197 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-0621Makavejev, Dusan MontenegroSweden and UK, 198197 minFeatureYugoslavia
V3183Makavejev, Dusan A Night of Love198897 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-1726Makavejev, Dusan Sweet Movie197599 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-1242Makavejev, Dusan WR - Mysteries of the Organism197184 minFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-0837Markovic, Goran Tito and Me1992104 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-2338Markovic, Goran Tito and Me1992104 minFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-12030Mitrovic, Zivorad Zika March to the Drina River1964104 minPALFeatureYugoslavia
V-8837Mitrovic, Zivorad Zika March to Drina1964101 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-9065Papic, Kristo The Secret of Nikola Tesla1980105 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-3349Pesic, Slobodan The Harms Case198890 minFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-12032Petrovic, Aleksandar I Even Met Happy Gypsies196794 minPALFeatureYugoslavia
V-9088Pintilie, Lucian Ward Six197693 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-9091Sijan, Slobodan The Marathon FamilyYugoslavia, 198287 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-7440Sijan, Slobodan The Marathon FamilyYugoslavia, 198287 minno subtitlesFeatureYugoslavia
V-9092Sijan, Slobodan Who's Singing Over There?Yugoslavia, 198981 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-7443Sijan, Slobodan Who's Singing Over There?Yugoslavia, 198981 minno subtitlesFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-2639Stak, Franci When I close My Eyes199394 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-3625Stak, Franci When I Close My Eyes199394 minFeatureYugoslavia
V-7321Vukobratovic, Mihailo A Better Life198986 minno subtitlesFeatureYugoslavia
DVD-10015Unknown Engineer Corps Drill Near Tchukarisa and Troops Crossing the Sava River194013:44 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10015Unknown Miyat Miyatovich and Petsiya Petrovich19332:55 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10015Unknown A Wedding in Pirot19374:28 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Boshnyak, Ernest Boy Scout Drill in Sombor19303 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Boshnyak, Ernest Common Procession of the Sombor Roman Catholic Parish in 193219328 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Boshnyak, Ernest Look Here and You'll Find a Million19252 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Boshnyak, Ernest My Dear Cradle19243:30 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Boshnyak, Ernest A Soccer Match19302 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Boshnyak, Ernest Test Shots of the First Yugoslav Film Factory19239 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Boshnyak, Ernest Unveiling of the Monument to Rakoczi Ferenc in Sombor19124:20 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10015UnknownCooperative for Economic Film - Medieval Monasteries in Serbia194015:30 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10084Gucha Midnight Concert 20062006184 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10015Ivanyikov, Mikailo The Path of Giants, or The First Cycling Race Around Serbia193911:45 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10015UnknownJP Film - Yugoslav Newsreel - Yule-log at the Court19402:08 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10015UnknownJRZ Film Section - The Government of Milan Stoyadinovich193810:37 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10015Kalmich, Max A Tale of a Day, or An Unfinished Symphony of a City19419:08 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Lifka, Alexander Celebration of the New State Name on October 13, 1929 in Subotitsa19294:20 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Lifka, Alexander 25-Year Jubilee of "Bachka" Soccer Club in Subotitsa 1926192612 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Lifka, Alexander Water Sanctification among Orthodox serbs in Subotitsa19123:10 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Malenchich, Rodolyub Happy End19298 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Malenchich, Rodolyub Rodats Newsreel - Guest performance of the "Cludsky" Circus in Novi Sad19294:20 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-7632Nikodijevic, Milan and Dinko Tucakovic Censored Without CensorshipSerbia, 2007108 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Velitski, Lazar Air Show in Novi Sad19392 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
DVD-10085Yakshich Titan Film Newsreel192612 minPALDocumentaryYugoslavia
V-6725 Balmes, Thomas Bosnia Hotel - Kenyan Warriors in Bosnia199852 minDocumentaryYugoslavia
V-2481Unknown Nationalism - Blood and Belonging - Road to Nowhere - Yugoslavia199450 minDocumentaryYugoslavia
V-0205Benson, Michael Predictions of Fire199690 minDocumentaryYugoslavia
V-4026UnknownThe Studenica Monastery198789 minno subtitlesDocumentaryYugoslavia
V-6986Unknown Yugoslavia - The Avoidable War165 minDocumentaryYugoslavia